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Help!!! Ovulation and clomid

I was recently put up to 100mg of clomid.  I have taken it this cycle.  Tried not to be too obsessed up to now but this has been 5th try so bought ovulation sticks. I am on day 11 of this cycle and take clomid from days 2-6. I have still not ovulated is this normal? I have read that clomid ,makes you ovulate early so surely I should have?  I am also tracking my BBT but am unsure as to what signs indicate ovulation! Please help!!!
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Actually Clomid can cause a delayed ovulation. When I was on it I did not ovulate until cd 16 or 17.
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Thank you was starting to panic!
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ovulation varies in different people.  for me it even varies in each of my ivf cycles.  i'm on my 4th.  everytime, i'm ovulated, i start off not feeling anything until toward the end of my stiumation and i start feeling pain on both sides of my lower abdomen and my lower abs is distended.  some of my early ivf cycles, the pain is stronger during my ovulation, like there is small heavy ball (which there is i guess... my ovaries) hanging in my abdomen.
i hope this helps.
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I am in the same situation as you. I agree with  Quinns momma. I have only read that it can make you ovulate later not earlyer. but as far as what days you take your clomid can determin when you ovulate compared to whan other people take it. you take your clomid 2-6 theres also 3-7 and 5-9. the earlyer you take your clomid the earler you can ovulate. Good luck
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Hi, I was taking Clomid, 50 mgs, days 5-9, and still havdn't ovulated by day 19! they gave me a hcg injection that day (cd19) and i ovulated 37 hours later (cd 21) Everybody is different but if you are monitored well and are not doing it on your own they will make sure you do so :)
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i agree! it's different with different people and also depends on what days you take it..I was on 100mg days 3-7 and was ovulating around day 15 every time...it was always confirmed by the thermal shift after ovulation..
good luck to you!
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