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How to conceive a baby girl

I have 2 boys and I am planning to have a baby girl next year.  I just got my period in October after how many months as I was breast feeding my baby.  I started charting my BBT and CM.  I still don't understand how to identify my fertile and ovulation time.  Any help would be appreciated.
thanks in advance
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Well, the idea is that sperm carrying the female gene are slower but live longer  than the ones carrying the male gene. So in order to try for a girl, it's better to have intercourse a little in advance of ovulation, so that the male sperm will die off and the slower, female sperm will fertilize the egg. HOWEVER, I'm not sure how credible this theory actually is. So unless you do IVF with genetic testing (which I'm not even sure they will do for gender selection alone), there's no real guarantee. As for BBT, it will only tell you when you ovulate after the fact, but charting CM should give you an idea of your fertile time period. Basically when you see clear, stretchy (eggwhite-looking) CM, you've entered your fertile period. Best of luck with everything!
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Also, I would use OPK's.  I've used all 3 methods for awhile now.  Charting BBT, paying attention to my CM and using the opk's.  

Heather thank you for clearing the whole female sperm/male sperm up...I never really understood it myself lol.

Best of luck on that baby girl oLa. :)
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Thanks Heather and Desarae, I have changed my user id and I just got your messages yesterday night. So this is how my story goes: I have had 27/28 day cycle before my kids.  After my first born my cycle was from 26/25 days.  With my second child  I just got my first post-partum period in October after 7 month.  It was 29 days cycle.  I thought I was ovulating on the day 10 as my temperature rise from 36.2 to 36.6 (.4), but then that was just the day after my CM appeared.
I had 4 day Period and 4 day Dry time, on the day 9 is when I realized being wet, day 10 it was cloudy and stretchy, day 11: creamy in the morning and just wet in the evening, day 12: that's when I noticed very stretchy like a string (3 inches long) and then EW appear. Is this the first fertile day? Day 13: EW lots in the morning and afternoon and less in the evening Day 14: EW morning good amount, in the evening EW and some creamy. Day 15: Morning, EW big chunk, Afternoon same as morning plus creamy, in the evening just wet. DAY 16: is when my temperature rise from 36.6 to 36.9 that's what the  fertility friends web site says my Ovulation date. On that day it was creamy small amount and sticky in the morning, in the afternoon creamy/more lotion and a tiny EW. In the evening, EW and very stretchy.  Day 17: Morning, creamy/lotion and some EW. Afternoon, sticky/stretchy and in the evening creamy/lotion and some EW chunky. Day 18: Morning, wet and creamy very little and in the afternoon, creamy, in the evening: DRY. Day 19: creamy/lotion a drop of EW. Afternoon, creamy/lotion very tiny and in the evening, the same as morning. Day 20: Morning: wet, Afternoon, creamy/lotion very tiny, in the evening: the same as afternoon. From day 21-26 DRY.
So my question is, since this is my first time charting my CM. Is this a normal pattern or is it just because this is my first time getting my period after long time.  
Heather giving this pattern when is the best day for conceiving a girl?
Thank you so much... :)
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