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I have pics and thyroid both and eager to get conceive...

Hi , I'm 34 years women, I have PcOs and thyroid (taking 50mcg thyronorm) this month I have undergone my 1st IUI treatment on 4th and 5th of March, on 24th of March I saw spotting twice and today is 25th of March is it symptom of pregnancy ?  Or its just a period ? I'm scared to do urine test because if it's comes negative I'm will go to depression .. I have slight symptom of rare cramps and fatigue... Please guide me

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I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. I faced sth similar. But it was ivf route for us. So I'm talking about my 2ww after the ET here. We passed 2 rounds. #1 - bfn. #2 - bfp. What I did differently the 2nd time around: did reflexology. ate pineapples, brazil nuts. I really wasn't expecting it to work because 8 of 10 eggs died before day 5. So they transferred the remaining 2 garde B& B. Only 1 implanted. I wasn't looking for the symptoms, as I've said I wasn't expecting much. BUT starting from day4 I began feeling extremely tired. Night headaches and slight morning sickness - I thought due to meds. After a couple of days I saw some pinkish spotting, never severe. Called my nurse and she told me to wait and observe. If heavy bleeding - then I was to head off immediately to the clinic. I think it continued up to 3 hours. Then changed with some brown discharge. I again called my nurse, she told it could be implantation. So there was nothing left but wait more to the official testing date to see it #2 was successful. I made a home test on day 13 after transfer. It was bfp! The official beta confirmed. All the following tests showed doubling results. That was the craziest period ever!
I hope everything turned out well for you. So probably you're on the prego list now..Waiting for the updates. All the very best to you. Xx
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Trying to conceive is always a roller coaster!  Have you taken a test as of yet?  While it IS a little downer when we get a negative, you MAY get a positive and if not, you get another chance to try again very soon!  So, take the test.

Do you work with a doctor to help you? How often do you get a period?  I had low thyroid and didn't take medication for it.  I got my period every 3 to 4 months and it was not regular as to anything to track for conceiving.  That would be hard to get pregnant (but not impossible).  And PCOS, do you take metformin or anything?  Again, how regular are your periods?

My slow thyroid did get better kind of out of nowhere on its own which helped and my period got semi normal and at least I had one every 30 days or so.  

Do you take your temperature every morning to track it?
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