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IVF in sept have one falliopion tube, does anyone get prg wit there first IVF

Im having IVF done in sept, maybe august, depends if all the paperwork comes in on time, im on disability and dont have very much money, i can only afford one shot at this, my only fertility prob is damaged tubes, I only have 1 tube, my last pregnancy was 15 years ago when they removed my right tube, i have barely met any ladies where it has worked the first try, my clinic gave me a 70 % success rate for my age and AMH levels, Im already doing acupuncture and starting yoga soon, im really nervous, the clinic gave me a great price for IVF , meds and ICSI, $7000, im just worried cause i can only afford to do it once, well if i have frozen embryos left i can prob afford to do a FET, i have already done 3 IUIs with no success at all, im 35 and scared, i dont know what the right decision is,i want a baby so badly, thats all i think about night and day, but am i throwing my money away, please tell me your experieces good or bad. thanks ladies
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Hi there,
A complete medical history and clinical examination is very important for correct diagnosis and management. Although one tube has been removed, the other tube is probably intact. One tube is sufficient to achieve a pregnancy. The success of your IVF is affected by many factors like age, your height, weight, ovarian reserve tests, sperm count, reproductive history (e.g. the number of pregnancies, miscarriages, etc.), and clinical diagnoses etc.It is suggested to consult your gynecologist for more queries and concerns. Hope this helps.
Take care and good luck.
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For what it is worth, I got pregnant with my first IVF try.  On the other hand, I used a donor egg, and the donor was 27.  But since success depends not only on the egg but on the uterus, I can tell you it is possible.  Good luck!
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hi, ive had 3 IUIs, done all unsuccessful, my Dhs sperm count is 83 percent, my doc gave me a 70% success rate for IVF according to my Age and AMH levels, ive had every test done everything is normal, my hsg came back my remaining tube is clear but my RE thinks theres scarring inside the tube where they cant see, ive had 2 pregnancies i have a 17 year old son then an ectopic preg 15 years ago lost my right tube and have never been preg since, i have had lots of laparoscopys done on my tubes for cysts and i had my appendix out had a c section with my son, so they think my tube is damaged, my height is 5' 6 and weight 160 pounds, all i have heard is they dont know, the only tests im still waiting for is my  LH, TSH, FSH, , my OB has tracked my last 8 cycles by u/s , every month he watches me from cd 7 til i Ovulate which is normally cd 10 or 11 , and my cycles last 28 days every month without fail, I had a laparsocopy done by my ob he said my right side was covered in scar tissue but that my left side looked completely normal, but my ob did say to me as a friend i think u have damage inside your tube that we cant see, he said scarring, the dye does show that my tube is clear but he said the hairs that pull the egg down the tube could be damaged my ob also said that theres nothing else he can think of but tube damage cause everything else is working fine, he watches me Ovulate every month with no problems, can u give me any other advice , thank you renae
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I know i'm a little late, but there is hope. I'm 36, had BOTH my tubes removed, and ivf worked for me the first time. I'm 11wks today with fraternal twins. We transferred two embies and they both took. I don't have really any symptoms after stopping the progesterone suppositories, except for occasional nausea and sore boobies off and on. i'm worried all the time, but you can't allow what you read to shake your prayer. i'm having to do the same thing! i'm so worried and anxious to make it to 12wks (safety zone) that i drove myself nuts lol! But, stay strong and lean on your faith. You will be fine! If a 36yr old ex-smoker, with no tubes can do it, you are a shoe-in ;o)
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Try to stay positive.  I'm 38 and both my tubes are blocked.  We just completed our first IVF and have just found out that we're pregnant.  It is possible......have faith and stay positive.

Good luck!
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I agree, stay positive. It's comforting to hear other positive reports. I am 38, both tubes were blocked, had them removed, and we started our first IVF tmt 8/20/13.
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Good news!

Just found out that we're having twins! :) I even got to hear the little heart beat.  So, it is definitely possible for it to work the first time.  

Try to relax and just go through the process.  I didn't do yoga or accupuncture but have heard that it helps.  I actually didn't do much exercise at all with the exception of a 30 minute walk everyday.

Good luck everyone!
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Congrats im so happy for you, Im on cd 5 today, i have to start Lupron 7 days before my next period starts then i start Gonal F 150iu on cd 3 , im really nervous and excited, im trying to be as positive as possible, but i have this little thing in the back of my head saying what if, I have to take a 2 hr bus ride every other day there then a 2 hour bus ride home, so thats going to be a challenge cause i dont go out much, but il get use to it , there doing ultrasound and blood work every other day and blood work everyday. I just hope i get a positive, its been so long, i have a 18 year old son, that i had at 16, then an ectopic at 19 and never been preg since, so im dying just to see a positive preg test, FX,
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Wow! The bus ride sounds intense, but it will all be worth it in the end! It's natural to have doubt, but just try to stay positive. I know that it is hard, but it does help if you try to stay busy.

Happy thoughts and keep us posted! :)
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how many dpt were you when you found out you were preg?
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thank you for being there for me,
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this is comment is pretty much to everyone how many days past transfer were you when u found out you were pregnant?
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I was 7dpt when I found out that I was pregnant.  I was suffering with ovarian hyperstimulation and that's when they had me come in and my hcg was at 237.

How is everything going for you?
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I,m good, i went to the IVF Clinic and picked up all my meds, they have me on , 3 injections, Lupron which i start 7 days before my period and then on cd 3 start 150iu of Gonal F and 150iu of Menopur, they said after retrival if my lining isnt thick enough that they would freeze my embryos and put them in the following month but i hope that does not happen, i do bw everyday starting cd 1 and u/s every other day starting cd 3 , but i also have to do a Lupron scan to make sure there are no cysts, I m on cd 22, and i start not this period but my next one, I want time to fly by im so excited i just want it to be here, How are you?
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How did u know u had that? at 7 days past transfer what symptoms did u have? They told me after transfer i dont come in again til 7 days after for HCG?
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I was having alot of cramping and then started bleeding brown stuff.  Then, I was sooo bloated that I could barely walk.  My stomach swelled up like a basketball!!!!  I knew that something wasn't right.  So, the doctor had me come in, and they did a pregnancy test.  

That's when I found out that I was pregnant.  My hcg was around 237. So, that was the good news, and the bad news was that there was nothing that they could do about the hyperstimulation.

I've been feeling better and better! I am about 12 weeks pregnant and the munchkins are doing fine.  I still look 6  months pregnant, but I'm just thankful that everything is okay.

Stay positive and good luck!!
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I start the Lupron in 10 days so im getting there, and my TSH has gone down to 1.48 so its great to start IVF, im on cd10 today my OPK was pos yesterday so im hoping that just maybe ill get preggers on my own, FX, other wise i start Lupron in 10 days then start Stims 10 days after that. then 10 days after taking stims it should be retrival, Right now im hoping i get preggers this cycle but i have to know 100 % im not preg when i start the lupron cause it could hurt the baby.
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Okay. Keep us posted!
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