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Late ovulation = late BFP??

Okay, just a question,  Trying not to get my hopes up (Oh, who am I kidding?!?) :P

I was tracking temps this cycle till about CD 18, never had a rise or a dip.  I was on antibiotics (for strep throat) and assumed that messed w my ovulation and I didn't O this cycle.  Now, I'm thinking i may have O'd late.  I remember having a good bit of EWCM a few days after I stopped tracking temps.  
So my question is, for anyone who KNOWS that they ovulated late, when did you get your BFP?  I have tested daily from 8 dpo- 15 dpo.

I am only 1 day late today, but i've *never* been late before and not pregnant. :(  I'm going nuts!!
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Thanks, I've been temping again, and for the past few days they've remained high and consistent.  I guess more than anything, that's what's still giving me hope, aside from all the BFNs.

I could just kick myself for not temping every day this cycle!!
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In general most everyone's luteal phase is 10-12 days with little variation and cycle's should not be longer than 36 days.

So, best bet is what Nolta stated, to test 14 days after you think you did ov.

Also, have you thought about bbt now?  If your temps are still up, well, you might be in the running.

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If you o'd late than you will get a late BFP. You need to wait 14days after you o'd before you can get a proper reading on a HPT. Good Luck!
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