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Letrozole 2.5mg, CD 3-7 . Have not ovulated from CD 13-20.

I'm having around 31 day cycle and I'm of age 30 . I have been on letrozole 2.5mg in my last cycle( first time) CD 3-7 . My OB suggested to have intercourse on CD  13-17, but when I checked with OPK , it showed negative from CD 13-20 . could anyone tell me if I could have ovulated earlier than CD 13 or is there any chance that I could ovulate anyday from CD 21-24 or so . Could anyone please help me with this.
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You might have ovulated before CD 13.  When did you start checking with OPKs and what time do you check?  Afternoon is supposedly the best time.  Do you have any signs that you ovulated, or do you normally have signs?  Positive OPKs do not guarantee ovulation, and negative OPKs do not guarantee that you didn't ovulate.  Especially if you drink a lot of fluids - you can dilute your urine.
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I  started checking from CD 13-20 which showed negative . And I check it around afternoon 12.30 and don't take any fluids for around 3 hrs before the test.

Last 2 menstrual cycles I used to have sore breasts, cramps from CD 20-24 or so(without intake of letrozole) . But im not sure if those can be related to AF or O .but now I have just cramps sometimes and I can't find much of CM as compared to my other cycles. So I can't make it out if I have ovulated or if I'm yet to ovulate .
Letrozole probably made your CM worse.  The only way to really know if you ovulated is to get a basal body temperature every morning.  You can Google that for instructions.  You need a special digital thermometer, so don't use just any one.  It needs to be sensitive, and you need to take your temperature as soon as you wake up, while still in bed, every morning to look for a pattern.  When you ovulate progesterone will increase your temperature.

You might have already missed ovulation, or maybe it'll happen later, or maybe letrozole at that dose isn't going to help you.  Just to make sure you catch the egg you can have sex every other day all cycle.  I know it's rough.  Trying to conceive for months on end is psychologically draining.  It's easy to start obsessing over symptoms and supplements.  Good luck to you.
Had a stretchy milky white discharge associated with vaginal cramps. Sign of anything ?
You can obsess about symptoms all day long, but really it's tough to know.  Clear, very stretchy cm indicates that your body has high levels of hormones involved in ovulation, but you can get it after ovulation too, or get it and never ovulate.  Lotion-like CM might indicate that you already ovulated.  The signs of pms and pregnancy are the same, so all the symptom spotting in the world doesn't help until you can take a pregnancy test.

If you have sex every other day, or at least whenever you have stretchy or watery cm, you increase your chances of conceiving.  Consider taking your basal body temperature next cycle.  You can find guides online and download an app to track it.
Thank you . Just got brown discharge and not sure if it's the AF due to happen on the 15th or anything else . As u said all symptoms are just the same and confusing .
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