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To start I was on birth control for 5 years, Mirena IUD. My fiance and I decided we wanted to try and get pregnant again, we already have 2 children. I had my birth control taken out about 8-9 months ago. My family doctor assured me my periods (which stopped while on bc) would begin within a few weeks and I would start ovulating within weeks. Sure enough my period came about 3 weeks after being off birth control and we have been trying to get pregnant. My concern is my periods have been having shorter and shorter times in between. The last 3 months I've been having my period every 14-18 days but they have only been lasting 3-4 days but very heavy the first day or two. I'm not pregnant obviously or I would be ecstatic! Now my question is with my periods coming so soon am I even ovulating? And mainly is this something whether I am or not I should be concerned about? I've been trying to wait it out to get pregnant which we are very much trying or to see if atleast my periods will go normal. But I'm just getting very frustrated.  
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Thanks for the comment. Personally I don't think I'm ovulating. Its just seems as if that's to close together to actually release and egg every time after. Plus they say 14-16 days after the first day of your last period is when your ovulating but w my situation every 14-16 days I'm menstrating. I guess I'm just here looking for diff opinions bc I truly do not want to see my doctor and have her tell me I'm infertile. I have two children who are the greatest but we've always planned on a big family. I think it really has something to do w my birth control. After 6 weeks of having it inserted I went for a check up and my doc told me it caused a lot of poly cysts but that when I chose to come off bc they would subside. I'm worried maybe they didn't. Has anyone experienced infertility after using mirena iud?
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I would love to be in your situation. The closer the periods are to each other the more chances you have of ovulating. So don't worry so much... Just relax and let it happen naturally. If you don't get pregnant in 1 year from the time of trying to conceive then go to your gynecologist for further medical investigations. Wish yo the best of luck on your try :o)
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