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Need more info on implantation bleeding

I have been on the birth control pill for nine years and have never had a problem with the pill.  My periods are always regular and on time.  However, last Thursday I had sex.  It is now Saturday and I am having some spotting, which is very irregular for me.  In fact, in all of my years of "womanhood", I have NEVER spotted between periods.  Could this be implantation bleeding?  It is a very light flow and is brown in color.
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I had implantation bleeding.  It was one big drop of blood. Two days after BDing is early to have implantation bleeding.
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so you had sex on thursday and the following saturday you had spotting..so within 3 days? If this is correct, then no this wouldn't be implantation spotting. For the fetilized egg to implant in your uteris takes anywhere from 7-11 days. Implantation spotting is usually brown in color or light pink, but it happens right around when a women is expecting her period. If you are talking about the saturday a week after having sex on thursday, then yes it may be. I had implantation spotting for my first pregnancy. ( ended in m/c) and I'm not sure if I'm having it irght now either. The ifrst time it was brwon, then light pink, never enough to fill a pantyliner, but I thought I got my period. Then it just went away after about 4 days. At that point I knew something was up. Right now I am brown spoitting for about 5 days, my temp. have remained high, ( I'm BBT Charting) but only about 12 dpo and tests are still negative. It may just mean AF is coming.
Good luck
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