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Hi all, i started using OPK's this month... i have 33/34 day cycles... i started using the OPK's on cycle day 12, its now cycle day 25 and i still havn't had a positive OPK, i test with the opk's twice a day. im really worried that maybe im not ovulating.    

i had blood work done a year ago, the results showed that i do ovulate ... so im confused why i cant seem to pick up a LH SURGE on the opk's.

is it possible for the surge to happen while i've been asleep & i've missed it?
is it possible to still ovulate even though the opk's are not picking up the surge?

please help... im so confused... i've been trying to conceive for 7yrs now.... ever since i had an ectopic pregnancy (had a tube removed)

many thanks in advance :-)
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I wouldn't fret yet.  Have you been charting the whole time?  The length of the cycle is not as big of a concern as it is the length of your luteal phase or time period after you ovulate.  If your cycle fluctuates often you are still doing fine.  I would suspect it any day for you!  Just keep testing!  The OPK only picks it up from 12-36 hours prior on most tests.  I think it will be very soon for you!
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thank you so much for your reply, you really put my mind at rest :-)

no i havnt been charting but i think im going to start charting as of next cycle.

many thanks once again for your reply :-)

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If you'll note my mood on my profile, I don't get along with OPK's, haha!  I don't have tons of experience with them, but I find it difficult to detect a surge.  What I find helpful is taking my temps everyday.  But I understand this is difficult for some because it needs to be taken at the same time.  Mind you I don't bother with it on the weekends :)!  I do ovulate but can't seem to get a positive OPK!  My advice would be to just try all the different ways of detecting ovulation and use the one that works for you!  
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Hey i was getting really confusing results on those tests and my doc said to not use them as they just found out in the latest ferality conferance that these tests can give false results. i took one when i know i was ovulating as i had been given a trigger shot and it still came back negative. i was gettting postives for like 10 days a month - yip the line was darker than the control line.. wish there was a better way to know other than the blood tests which are acuate.. good luck
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