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Sept & Oct 2012 - IVF/ICSI

Hello ladies

I'm soon to be starting my 3rd IVF (cycle shut down meds starting on 30th Aug) and want to create a group for anyone in the same situation, and who want to join this thread to support one another through this tough process.

Wishing everyone who is TTC lots of luck....
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I will join you. Starting meds next month. :-) Trans in Late Oct / early Nov.  
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Great - welcome :o)

I'm probably going to be almost a month ahead of you, I "think" all being well I will have my ER the start of Oct.

I hope we are both are blessed this cycle.
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I hope so too! :)
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starting my meds today :/ ahhhhhhhh my whole er and et should be first week of sept
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Good luck :) I'm anxious to start my meds now, but still got a few days to go, and a cple weeks before the stims.
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Best of luck to you. If our RE says it would be wise to try again it would put our transfer at the very end of October. We do short cycles with no suppression. I'll probably start another thread because there will be a big gap. Can't wait to hear your progress this time. Number 3 is going to be lucky for you!!
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Oh Ginger I do hope so, I don't know what to think at the moment (feeling a little emotional) - it's getting all too real and very close, after last time I'm quite nervous about starting it all!  

I keep thinking what if it all goes wrong again at ER (although surely the odds are on my side that that would never happen again), and then what if we get another BFP only for it to end....some days I just don't know how you keep going!  I know you hate the saying, but you must be very strong to keep at it.  I guess when it's something you crave more than anything in the world you just have to until you have exhausted all options?!

Anyway...here's to #3 for me and #4 for you! :o)  Hope you are well.
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I can relate to your fears and
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I can relate to your fears and concerns. I know your gonna get thru it fine. I'm here to cheer you on!! Think that it all went wrong last time and this time it's going to go smoothly!
About being strong or whatever I have to keep going or all these surgeries, iui's ivf's would of been done for no reason. Most of the time I don't even want to get up or keep going but there  is hopefully a baby is waiting for us at the end of the journey. I really hope oiO
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I really hope our babies are waiting for us at the end of this next cycle. If RE says would be a good idea to try again ours will be end of October.
Keep me posted!!  I know you'll give it everything you have and we will too.  Im prayinf for you to be my Preggie buddies
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Awe thanks Ginger, me too...I really really do pray this for us and all those struggling ttc.  

That's great news about potentially starting again in October, I hope your are fully recovered enough and ready for another go.....fingers, toes, legs, eyes and oh everything crossed lol. :)

One day....we will get there ;)
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Anyone else??

I'm starting my first lot of injections tonight!
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hello everyone,

so after 2 failed iui we decided for ivf, an today will be my first day starting my shots.

i hate needles :(    but for some reason today i feel happy again after being so depress an down.
thank u cheekyhalfs

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Hello, awe you are very welcome its lovely to have you join us.

Last night was my first injection, both myself and hubby actually forgot so when my alarm on my phone went off to remind us, I jumped with fright and we both just looked at each other both thinking, ah here we go again!! Lol, but it went ok.  

You possibly feel much better and more relaxed now that you have made a decision, so you have something new and although scary, something exciting to look forward to.

We're all here with you every step of the way and I look forward to sharing our experiences together during this ivf cycle.

Wishing you and everyone else loads of luck :)
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Best of luck everyone for healthy pregnancies
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Hi guys

I've spoken to some of you in my first IVF round in July

We after my follow up appointment was cancelled due to no consultant availale  We had 2 fab weeks in Egypt.  Had rearranged follow up day after we got home and booked 2nd cycle. They said they couldn't fit me in til nov. I was gutted, but they found a sept cancellation so I start my Downreg 17 th sept

Drugs are being tweaked this time t help me produce more eggs as only 7 last time

Fingers crossed it works second time round and I get the best early chrimbo pressie ever

Baby wishes with you all
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Hello again, I remember you :)

Shame you have had to wait, but at least you got to have an amazing holiday to relax before it all starts again.

I look forward to being cycle buddies - keep us posted.  I started my downregs 3 days ago, going fine so far.

Wishing you loads of luck for this cycle, I hope this is it! ;)
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Hi cheekyhalfs

I was so glad they found a cancellation as a nov start date ment blood tests at Christmas week which would be a Nightmare

Hope this is the one or us both
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I'll join in!  I'm 41 and this will be my 3rd and final try.  Started meds yesterday.  I have one frozen blast that we'll be adding to the fresh guys at transfer time.  I am so hoping this works...
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Hi welcome, I really really hope it works for you too, fingers crossed! :)

This is my 3rd too, bit of a delay at the moment as my consultant is off sick, and she is the best so I don't want my baseline scan done or any other scan by anyone else, sigh!!  I'm hoping I can simply continue my shutdown meds, ready to begin my stims once she returns, but if it's any longer I'm not sure if the clinic will tell me to postpone :(
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Hi All, Like many of you this is my 3rd IVF cycle..I am going to take Lupron shots tonight and if everything goes well, will be taking Menopur & follistim from tomorrow..little bit nervous and excited too :)
best of luck to all my cycle buddies!!!
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Hi-  This is my 2nd and Final IVF cycle as I didn't respond well twice now.  I did a 3 day transfer on 8/27.  I am currently on my 2WW and my Beta is Friday.  I hate all this waiting.    
I had labs today and both my estrogen and progesterone is low.   Hoping I still have a chance!
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Welcome ladies :-) So pleased you can join us.

You are both a bit ahead of me as I'm only on my shutdown meds for now, not starting my menopur now until at weeks time.

It is exciting and nerve wracking isn't it!?

Jenny - I really hope your numbers increase, hopefully your clinic have given you something additional to help?  Will be thinking of you.

Hope everyone else is well, and wishing you all the very best of luck :o)
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well I did a hpt today- negative  =(   9days post 3 day transfer.    
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