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Who used what?

I have never posted a poll before.  Hopefully this will work.  I just wanted if anyone used preseed or preconceive or nothing and got a bfp.

Thanks again for your replies!
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Tina- thanks for the info.  Sorry to hear about your mc.  Shesherm will have to give us both hope!
Tanker- wow, thats great that it only cost that much for you.  My insurance doesn't cover anything for fertility but I wonder if my obgyn could run most of the tests, then go to a fertility specialist for the IUI. Hmm.  Ill have to make an appointment after my next af!  Thanks again!
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I got a bfp while using preseed. So did Nickey1 and shesherm. Mine ended in mc. Shesherm has a beautiful baby girl.
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yes it was IUI.  

DH and I had been ttc for about a year so we went to a fertility specialist.  We had all the test done and they all came back normal.  We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility.  

My insurance payed for all the dr visits and ultrasounds.  The only part I had to pay for out of pocket was the actual IUI and sperm wash.  It was $300 for both.

If you need any other info, feel free to ask me anytime.  

best of luck to you!!
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Tanker- thanks for your reply!
IUI?  If you don't mind me asking, about how much does that cost?  Did your doctor suggest it and if so, what were his/her reasons?  
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I haven't seen people post about preseed in a while, but a couple years ago, there were several people on here who swore by it.  

I didn't vote because we were inseminated for both of my pregnancies.  
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