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hi all, i need your opinion in my question if you have time to answer i'll be very thankful
in november 2004 i got pregnant we were not planing too but it happened and when my boyfriend
understood this he run away left me, i was a student not working and decided to have an abortion and
i did, crazy but i did it i had no other choise, now am married and am trying to get pregnant for 2 years now
but is not happening, am very concerned why, i love kids very much, i had check up my doc says everything
is okey tests are okey my hausban's tests too, what would be the reason, maybe because i had an abortion
and now am damaged something down there or what may be, does this mean i you have an abortion you can not
get pregnant any more, am really concerned
your opinin would help
thank you
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Dear I'm so sorry for your situation. Don't blame yourself for that abortion. At that moment you thought it was right decision. Feeling guilty won't change anything. It will only make you feel even more stressed. I understand this situation is hard for you. You were trying for so long and nothing. But maybe it's good that you didn't have a child in those relationships. I think that you should visit a couple of fertility specialist. You’ll have more than one point of view. Maybe they will advise you something which will help you to gp. So you can figure out what to do next. I wish you best of luck!
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bad cramps and headaches
OK  im 25 years old and i had an abortion in 2007 . And every thing was fine until i started  to notice that I am having some really bad headaches i mean really bad. and i notice like the day after i come on the headache goes away. but the headache will go on for like two or three days before my period. and i always forget that my period is close to coming. now it use to not do that and i assume it was because i was on the pills but i have been off the bill for like a year. and i also have really bad cramps and bleed really heavy. so i really don't know what to do. So I was wondering is the abortions causing the cramps and heavy bleeding and headaches? or is it something else?
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I would not worry.. as long as your tests are good, then everything should be fine. I have been trying for 5 years, never had an abortion, misscarriage or even been pregnant...
Crazy stuff
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I agree ith kikcoates. But have you had an HSG test done and a semen analysis done. These are two key factors.
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Sometimes things can go bad after abortion, but if you have had tests ran, and you are all ok, thats probly not the case. Sometimes getting pregnant can take quite a long time even for the healthiest of people. You need to make sure you are monitoring your ovulation every month, to catch the release of your egg, to time intercourse accordingly. Good Luck, Don't give up.
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