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one Fallopian tube

only one Fallopian tube on the left can i still have a baby if its only 2.5cm?
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omg thank you ladys i've been trying to stay away from the forum and put my mind on othere things but i couldn't help it now i didn't even see on my e-mail that any one replyed thanks
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Hi, just wanted to chime in. I also have 1 tube, and although it cuts down how often you will get an egg to the uterus, it very well can happen. All you need is one. And it doesn't go every other month with which side you ovulate from either...it's random. My Dr. has mentioned trying clomid to get me ovulating more often from the left side. I've had 2 pregnancies that were non-tubal with one tube. Both were early losses, but that was due to other factors. When women have ultra sounds to look at the follicles they come back and say it was 10mm or whatever, that's mm- much smaller than cm. I would think 2.5cm would be fine. What does the dr say? Why did he mention the size?
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I only have one tube now and have been able to get pregnant twice. We have a 2 1/2 year old little girl and are almost 11 weeks pregnant again with only one tube. Good luck, also both pregnancies were natural.
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Hi, I only have one open fallopian tube and was able to get pregnant with IVF.. good luck!
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I also have only left tube open and I had IUI in july with three follicles on that side, got preg. but unfortunately my baby didn't grow, I saw Heart beat on week 7 but RE said its not normal then week 8 no Heart beat no growth, week 9 no heart beat so I had to had Misoprotol Supp and that was the end of that preg. But I am going to try again and hopefully would have follicles on my left side. So my answer is yes with one tube though its 2.5 cm (which is wide enough) you can become preg. What you need to do is have faith and keep praying
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Sorry, but I do not have an answer to you question and have the same one as well. I just find out that I had an ectopic pregnancy, and ended up having my left tube removed yesterday. I already had so many problem producing eggs with both side working, now I do not know what are my chances ( I am 42, that does not help as well). Have you ask your doctor?
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