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uterine fibroids

I have what I was told was a small uterine fibroid, and I have read contradictory information regarding uterine fibroids and nutrition.  I have read that flaxseed and soy products are good for people who have uterine fibroids and I have read that they should be avoided.  Which is correct?
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This will not answer your question about diet, but just in case you think to remove it surgically:
What matters is where the fibroid is if you are worried about whether it affects yoru fertility or not. The one which is inside the uterus is worse than the one inside the wall of the uterus adn the one outside the uterus is the least harmful.
Be very careful is someone advises you to remove teh fibroid. Using laser (heat energy ) to remove the fibroid can cause scars behind it which hurts your endometrium, reduces your period and your chance to carry a pregnancy, Do your research adn go with a doctor that removes fibroids and is at teh same time aware that it can cause Asherman's syndrome, scarring in teh uterus.
I developed Asherman when i innocently let a doctor remove my fibroids without asking him how it will be done or anything. I had a child effortlessly before that surgery and could have no more after that surgery because of all the scarring he caused in my uterus.
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I love the info you have shared.  I was diagnosed with Asherman's in Oct '09.  I didn't even know how serious it could be until May of this year.  I would love to talk with you more, I am on Asherman's.org, but it is not as user friendly as medhelp.  Please contact me, I would love to "pick your brain" if you have some time.  I know nothing about this syndrome and would love your input.

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