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why am I bleeding on day 23 of my cycle?

I'm 25 and I am on my 3rd month of clomid 50mg, taken from day 2 to day 6. I had a bloodtest taken 2 days ago on day 22 of my cycle to check I have ovulated this month, I am waiting for the hospital to call me back with the results. Today is day 24 of my cycle, my cycles are between 27 and 35 days. The first month I had a 26 day cycle and the second month I had a 35 day cycle. As I am on day 2 of bleeding and as I am unsure whether the bleeding I have is implantation or period, I was wondering whether anyone knew if I should go ahead and start takin the clomid or should I not take it? I'm so confused and obviously hope I'm pregnant but don't know what to do or think! The bleeding started off light/spotting and then it started getting a little more heavier this morning and then it went normal and now its light again! Please help!
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When used for ovulation induction, Clomid is taken for approximately five days early in the menstrual cycle. Clomid can induce ovulation in almost 85% of the women who use it, though only half of those will actually become pregnant. This light spotting could be due to implantation or some other cause. It is suggested to contact your fertility clinic and clarify your concern whether Clomid should be taken or not. Keep me posted on how you are doing.
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i never had implantation bleeding, but a friend of mine did, shortly before her expected period. It lasted for a day or two and it was exactly how you described. Hope it is!
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