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Could it be???

I have an appointment with a doctor that my primary doctor has referred me to, she thinks that I have fibrmyalgia. I was wondering if these symptoms are typical of Fibrmyalgia and you seem to be the group to ask. The following are my symptoms;
>in the mornings I feel as though I have bricks strapped to my leags and they hurt terribly.
>periodically my knees hurt so bad that I feel as though they could give out.
>I also have several disc issues with my back so it is excrutiating when I wake up.
>after being awake for awhile my pain gets better, it never really goes away, it just becomes more tolerable.
>I wake several times a night becauseafter laying on my hip or arm, it will be killing me so bad that it wakes and it is next to impossible to return to sleep. Sometimes this pain will then reamil for the rest of the day.
>I will sometimes get pains in my shoulders, forearms, elbows, wrists. The pain will appear out of no where and for no reason.
>I have even gone to the emergency room thinking that I had a blood clot in my leg and once because my left arm hurt badly and I thought that I may be having a heart attack.
>During the day sometimes my pain will lesson but it will always return later in the afternoon.
>Sometimes the pain in my right leg will litterally transfer over to my left leg and vise versa.

This is not a complete list of my symptoms but enough to get the picture. Do you think taht this sounds like Fibromyalgia? Also, I have been ched for rhuematiod arthritis, MS, and several other tests and they all come back ok.
Is Fibro. something that can just show up? Three years ago I did not have any of these problems.
I am 40 years old, I don't know if that matters and my aunt also has Fibromyalgia and I recently found out that my mother had it as well.
Thank you, any and all help and advice that you can give me will be very much appreciated.
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Also be checked for Lyme Disease.
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I have Fibromyalgia and you sound like the classic case.Its a real pain, mine has just returned after 4yrs.Its usually brought on by  a lot of stress, must weaken  the immune system somehow.
                             Good luck hon and see your Doctor.
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wow!  your symptoms seem so very similar to mine. I will be 40 in the spring, my mother has both Lupus and FM.... I have had OA/DJD (dx since 2006) . Some days all I do is hurt-- all over-- various places at various times-- primarily the hands, feet and back.
The worst of my symptoms have been evident only about the last 2 months or so-- and increasing. Had my annual physical back in July- doc did check a sed rate and couple of other tests. (can't recall what ATM) but everything checked out ok-- except LOW levels of both Vitamin D and B12. So I am on high doses of both... Anyway... I am starting to think maybe I have FM/CFS or SLE as well..... Planing a visit to my doc again next month. Keeping a journal ( now) of Sx to show to him. . . . . . . . . Hoping for the best, expecting nothing...
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