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Fibromyalgia and CRPS cure! How bad can it get before help??

I had CRPS for decades and added Fibro pain.  Brain lesions and nuero sx.  It suddenly spread to my heart and I went septic.  For 4 more years I struggled to survive on whatever antibiotics I could get, but I had no chance to recover until someone personally said, 'sounds like Lyme'.  No doctor would embrace that it could be an ongoing infection.  It's really common (millions)  and only 10% get diagnosed (mainstream Dr's deny it).  Most people didn't notice the tick bite and the bacteria grow undetected.  You Must self refer to an LLMD.  Only they will have the tests and interest to help. Don't think you're not That sick- sooner the better.  I'm finally pain free, woo hoo!!!!  but the struggles continue for now.
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