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Question about Fibromylagia Treatment

I've just been diagnosed with fibromylagia after enduring a very painful year.  The doctor's don't seem to take me seriously when I tell them I'm in terrible pain. They look at the blood test results and say everything is fine.  

Finally after seeing a new doctor and getting the same "everything looks fine" I told him I was fed up with doctor's and walked out of his office.  He called me a few hours later and said he did some research and thinks I have fibro. The symptoms do seem to fit.

I was wondering if anyone has tried amitriptylin to control their pain, or what treatment if any are you on?  Does CFS have anything to do with fibro?

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I was recently diagnosed with fibro, and my dr put me on ultram for pain. Sadly it did not work for me. It made me have some bad spells while sleeping. I would wake up from a dead sleep and sit straight up in the bed in a freight because i felt like I was free failling from the sky..It was scary. So now I am on darvocet and it doesnt seem to do anything.
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Hi Dee,

I was recently diagnosed with fibro for the 2nd time.  The first time I was diagnosed was in 2001, I didn't believe the neurologist.  I had been working since then with changing jobs thinking that less duties would help.  I just stopped working in July this year because I just couldn't do it anymore.  

As far as medicines, I've tried everything.  Physical Therapy, steroid injections, etc.  I joined the gym to attend the water aerobics classes and the water was always too cold for me.  The water temperature was always posted on a whiteboard stating that the temperature was 81.  Yes, it felt good as long as I was in the water once I got over the coldness.  Put as soon as I got home I would take a pain pill (vicoden or percocet).  I just read that the water temperature should be at least 87-90 degrees.  My doctor keeps telling me that water aerobics would work for me but...I can't seem to find a place that has the requirements.  CFS seem to be closely related.  
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Welcome aboard ! I highly recommend checking out our health pages and reading the latest research on fibro, treatment options recommended by the experts and alternative pain relief therapies that have been proven to be beneficial in many FM patients. Here's the link: (our health pages are located to the upper right of your screen)

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Sorry to here you're having a bad time with Ultram.  I was taking Ultram after my ankle surgery, it didn't seem to help much with the pain. I tried taking it again for the fibro pain and it gave me a terrible neck and headache.  Sorry to here you had such a bad reaction to the ultram.  Like you I've also tried darvoset to no avail. I'm going to try amytriptyln, hopefully it will work.  

What does you MD suggest you do for the pain?

Deedee....I hope you can find some relief from the constant pain. My doc wants me to try the water aerobics too!  I did read somewhere that the water has to be close to 90. I can't take the cold...I'm hoping when I go it will help.

PlateletGal.....thanks for the info. I did check out the health pages, I'm learning so much about fibro.  I hope we can all find some releif soon!

Thanks so much the all the great information, ladies!
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To answer your question, I was on Amitriptylin and it worked very well for my pain. For me it also worked on my sleep well, too well.  

Then again, my Mom takes it to help her sleep, she sleeps, wakes up, and for 83, she has more get up and go than lots of people I know, go figure.
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I was also put on Amitriptylin 25mg, help's me sleep a bit more but does not touch the pain.
Sorry ur in so much pain hope you find  something that helps, I have been to aqua therapy the water was 90 - 91 but it was bad i was having weights put on my leg to for my back it just made it worse.Did not help the Fibro at all!
Lot's of luck!
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I'm happy to here that the amitriptylin treatment works on some. It gives me hope that it might help with my pain.  It's nice to know it helps with sleep too! I have restless legs most nights which makes it very difficult to get a good night's sleep.

Your Mom sounds like an amazing woman. I wish I had her energy!

Nana.....Sorry to here that you're not getting any relief from the Amitriptylin or water therapy. I'm new to this so I'm going to give it a try....I don't see how it would help with Fibro. I use to do yoga 3-4 times a week but haven't been able to do any excerise in a long time now.

And tomorrow is a new day, maybe someone will find a new treatment for this terrible painful condition.
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