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Struggling with fibromyalgia diagnosis

Hello everyone!
I would just like to thank you in advance for Reading my post. I am a 21 year old male who was once extremely active but my health has deteriorated over the past 5 years. I have been to over 25 doctor visits over the past 5 years but have been unable to find a direct cause for my symptoms. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve had blood taken (>20 times). My symptoms started gradually and have now gotten to the point where it’s all I can do to get out of bed and make I through the day. Here is a list of my symptoms:

• Extreme fatigue and exhaustion. I don’t just mean that I am tired all the time but that I am fully exhausted. Even just walking down the street can seem like a feat at times.
• Muscle and joint pain. My muscles and joints are soar all the time. It feels as though I have arthritis although I have been tested for it and do not have it. My neck is probably my largest complaint as it is so soar that I have a constant headache.  If I do anything even slightly physical I will be even more sick and soar the following day.
• Jaw pain and stiffness
• My eyes do feel soar at times but this may be due to wearing contacts as my vision has decreased over the last few years. Before that I had perfect vision.
• At times i feel as though I have pressure in my ears.
• My head just feels really foggy as if its more difficult to think things through
• Loss of sex drive and I no longer feel as though I can get as full of an erection.
• I have an extreme sensitivity to alcohol that I never use to have. I don’t mean that I get drunk easy but I get hangovers very easy. Even from just having one drink it makes me feel worse the next day.
• I have a rash on my lower legs and forearms that’ seems to come and go. (Possibly Eczema)
• I periodically have blood at the end of my stools. Maybe once every few months or so but it is more blood than you would from just cleaning yourself to hard.  
• I have an increased sensitivity to motion sickness. Even just driving will make me feel light headed and woozy.
• I also tend to shake. My hands literally shake all the time. Although I feel I have had this since I was young it has gotten worse in recent years.
• My symptoms seemed to get much worse after taking minocycline antibiotics for acne and never really got better.
• Before I was chronically sick I spent about 10 days in the hospital with some extreme form of illness that had flu like symptoms including me fainting, puking and diarrhea. I did seem to make a full recovery from whatever caused this illness so I’m not sure if it is related or not.
• I have some minor digestive issues but nothing to bad. One thing I notice is that if I wake up and chug a glass of water I will have diarrhea about 30 minutes later. If I drink a glass of water later in the day after eating I will be fine.
• Seem to get sick from antibiotics

I have been tested for a lot of things and am running out of things it could be. I spent some time at the mayo clinic seeing various specialists and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia basically because they just couldn’t find anything wrong with me so I struggle with accepting the diagnosis. All tests and bloodwork seem to come back normal except a moderately elevated anti-histone and slightly elevated liver enzymes.  My testosterone is near the very bottom of the normal range which I feel is unusual for someone my age. I did also have a positive ANA panal at one time but it was just after I was taking the minocycline so that can cause a positive reading. I have had 2 negative readings since then. I thought it could possibly be due to drug induced lupus from the minocycline but according to specialists I would be feeling better by now if this was the case. I have been tested for lymes disease (negative) but still feel this may be a possibility although I do not live in a Lyme endemic area. I just sent blood to a lab in California called Igenex for further Lyme testing. I live in Western Canada. I even did a candida diet religiously to see if that would help but it didn’t.

My thoughts:

I think it could possibly be chronic lyme as I have read about a lot of controversy in its testing and treatment. Some MDs believe in chronic lyme but most do not. I also think whatever is making me sick seems to react to antibiotics since I had a worsening of symptoms when taking the minocycline. I also feel that the elevated anti histone has something to do with it and possibly the slightly elevated liver enzymes’. I think there is an extremely low chance of colon cancer because of the blood in the stool and the elevated liver enzymes but this would be a long shot. I may request a colonoscopy as I have yet to have one done. I am very desperate and feel like the only thing I haven’t tried is a spinal tap to check for some form of virus or something. I am considering doing this operation.

If you have any suggestions on what it could be or tests I should have done that would be greatly appreciated. Even if it’s a long shot.

Thanks for reading!
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Did they test for Celiac disease?  It can cause a lot of weird symptoms like what you describe because it causes malabsorption, causing malnutrition, and you can then develop other autoimmune diseases.  If you have celiac and stop gluten, most of these symptoms should resolve, some faster than others.

Try magnesium 500 mg in the morning along with vitamin D3 2000 IU in the morning and 400 IU calcium at night.  
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Also get tested for iron deficiency.  
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Antibiotics are all MOLD, i have a big problem with them and don;t take them anymore i use Colloidal silver i make myself. I was also tole i have FIBRO, ME, NEUROPATHIC PAIN , and God knows what else. And after being in agony for year's and doing my own research i found out i have Opiate Induced Hyperalgesia. which is caused by the Opiate or opiate based painkiller's and also IMODIUM is an opiate as well. opiate.

And in some people it only takes one opiate painkiller to trip the  ^%$£"!! OFF!!  Its a horrific thing to have and i had it for year's and a bunch of your symptom's to go with it.

I am now detoxing from all of the drugs i was put on and eating a detox diet as well all organic food and i do Enema's as well but ONLY if i get bunged up too much to go as it's important to keep your insides clean . As every drug compromise your bowels as well.

And i eat between a paleo and raw vegan diet but i'm going to try  .The Okinawa Diet Food Pyramid but MINUS any grains and bread as their really bad for our insides period. And there's

plenty of Asian food stores about so you can buy stuff like ''Purple sweet potatoes'' and anything else you need. Read up on The Okinawa people they live longer and healthier than ANYONE in the world.

And so do people in rural area's untouched by Westernization' and still eating and living as their ancestors  did eon's ago and also look up 'Healing crisis' as this may or will happen as your getting better. Its really important because as you heal you get flare ups as your body peel's back the layer's of bad stuff to recover and it will effect you on all levels'.

But don;t be tempted to go rushing back to pill's and doctors as they will tell you YOUR REALLY ILL!! Its a LIE!!

I found out the hard way, and it put me back year's and now I've educated myself and i KNOW whats happening when it does and allow it to be as it has too in order to heal not ALL inflammation is BAD, the body will trip off inflammation to heal it's self and stopping it is bad.when it's part of our healing system.
Love Tswana xxxx

So if your are or ever have been on Opiates, i'd go read up on   opiate induced hyperalgesia if i were you. I posted about it in y journal as well ages ago.
Love Tswana      
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Als look up SIDE EFFECT'S from any drugs you've taken or are on now. Love Tswana xxx
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And if you STILL think it's Lyme disease here is information on that BUT i don't think it is personally but i'm not living your life. I am really empathetic to anyone going through all the hell symptoms your describing like i have for yaer's and lot's of 'Misdiagnoses' and FIBROMYALGIA.M.E is the Famous ones.  Love Tswana xxx

Holistic treatment options of Lyme disease are often more effective than antibiotics and prescription medication. Tweaking the daily diet as well as supplementing one’s daily routine often relieve the symptoms of Lyme disease and naturally cure the condition. Small changes like exercising, taking probiotics and adding herbs to a daily routine destroys Lyme bacteria in the body and reduces symptoms.
What is a Lyme Disease?

A tick-borne illness, Lyme disease is the most common in North America and Europe. Caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, an individual becomes infected when an infected tick bites and feeds on the blood. The bacteria enters the body through the bite and then spreads throughout the bloodstream. Detecting the disease early is crucial but not easy. Signs and symptoms may mimic that of other conditions and include rash, fever, chills, fatigue, body aches and headache early on. Later stage signs include joint pain, neurological issues, heart problems, inflammation of the eyes, liver inflammation and severe fatigue.
Lifestyle Remedies for Tick-Borne Illness

If caught early enough, Lyme disease can typically be treated using several lifestyle remedies. Regular exercise augments the amount of oxygen in the body and blood, which acts to destroy the Lyme bacteria in the blood. Additionally, probiotics taken daily boosts the number of good bacteria in the gut, supplementing the immune system.
Herbal Treatment for Lyme

Certain herbs have also been shown to suppress microbial threats like Lyme disease. Andrographis, cat’s claw and sarsaparilla constitute three of the most important Lyme disease treatment options. These herbs effectively suppress Lyme bacteria with limited side effects or reactions.

An antiviral and antibacterial herb, andrographis has proven to also have patristic properties. Often used in treatment for common viral illnesses, this herb delivers a variety of healing properties. Regular dosing of this herb delivers liver protection, immune enhancement and cardiovascular benefits, making it a good addition to a Lyme disease fighting regimen.
Cat’s Claw

Known for its treatment of microbial conditions, cat’s claw is an herb used primarily in treating Lyme disease. The herb offers several healing properties including antiparisitic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

An antibacterial herb, sarsaparilla is particularly effective for treating infection. Additionally, it delivers anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant benefits. Sarsaparilla is a safe, natural Lyme disease cure.

Early detection is key to successful treatment of Lyme. However, following a strict, natural treatment regimen can offer extensive benefits at any stage of the disease.
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P.S Exercise ans sun and fresh air and sleep are really important, and move about as much as you can. On the PC wear yellow tinted glasses as this cut's out 'Blue light' which radiates frorn the PC an will help your eyes. I picked a pair up cheap on Amazon there working glasses so DON'T get fooled into paying stupid money for so called 'specialist PC Glasses' .

I walk outdoors's as much as possible and i bought a set of 'Resistance band's' that come in all different types of pulling weight from really easy to advanced ones. It came with exercise to do but there's load's online and youtube as well.

And you can use it over door's and under, and on handles and every part of your body including feet as it's got ankle straps as well.. I did try swimming but it was too much too soon as i spent 4 hours in a leisure pool as warm as bath water and all sort's fs lazy rivers and water falls in it.

And then a Jacuzzi, red infra light Sauna followed by a steam one?? Suicide!! i WAS IN AGONY!!

I should have just did 15 mins in the pool, same in the steam Sauna cold shower then home. But the routine i do now is fine and you can work up and down accordingly as needed. Love Tswana xxxx
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Hi i hope this link works on here, if not i put the HTTP//up for you.

Love Tswana xxxxx

The Okinawa Diet Caloric Density Pyramid
Download high res PDF
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Copy and paste it in to your search bar, it will take you to the web page xxx

Love Tswana xxxx
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