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When Does It end??

I had the gastric sleeve in 2004. After my first fill I began throwing up no matter what or portion I ate. I threw up all through the night for many years and all day for that matter. The doctor never would do anything. In 2009 I got pneumonia and my blood count was down so low I had to to have a blood transfusion. The doctor finally had to take me serious and took the lapband out. He told me the sleeve would work much better and like a dummy I fell for it. I was ok for a while. in 2011 I was back in the hospital with pneumonia and low blood count. At this point I also had a really bad hiatial sp hernia. I was in and out the hospital until 2013 when my stomach stopped working. In between I lost the ability to sleep and began hurting all over. I had to have a bypass surgery. Over the years I lost my ability to fall asleep on my own. I have widespread pain and always tired. Since 2013 I havent' had pneumonia or a blood transfusion but have also lost my zest for life. I got off fentaynl alone and just got off of Oxycontin. I was still taking the Lyrica but have run out and I am out of state and can't get my perscriptions like i need. I haven't had lyrica for two days and have bad stomach cramps and some body pain. Does anyone know of any natural  treatments for CFS/Fibr??? Especially for sleep??
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