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Can GERD or Nexium cause Yellowish light brown stools?

Since month ago I been having a constant lump sensation on my throat that comes and go. I read It could be Gloubus Sensation" and the main causes are strees o GERD .

I had an endoscopy about two weeks ago I was diagnosed with GERD , a little Heital Hernia, Duodenitis without bleeding

and a Decreased Peristalsis in the Stomach suggestive of Gastroparesis. They also took me some biopsies but now I'm wating for the results in two weeks. The Dr. put me on Nexium 40mg and a diet with out triggers (spicy, graesy food etc)

I quit the Nexium a week ago as I started to have "yellowish light brown stools" and I got scared.

And that's my main worry now. They're not bright yellow like a bannana, is more like yellowish/Orange and sometimes light brown.

Now, dear old Dr. Google say it's liver disease, gallbladder disease or pancreas disease related. Infections or tumors.

However, some sites also mention GERD among other things causing fast transit times.

I don't have any other symptoms, no pain, no yellow skin, no yellow eyes. Just a little stress since I'm very concerned for my health and my next appointment is in 2 weeks.

So what can it be the cause of the Yellowish Stools? GERD? The Nexium? or any other of my recently DX?

Please Help me
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Yep, put that in the medhelp search bar and you will get lots of posts.  Nexium can turn poop yellow.  Is it helping otherwise?  How are you doing in general?
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I quit Nexium about two weeks ago, but I'm still having these Yellowish, sometime light brown stools. Yesterday I had 1 more dark, but today still the same with the Yellowish tone.
I have no other symptoms,  no pain. Just strees and anxiety I read that anxiety can cause yellow stools but I'm sacared to have pancreatic cancer or something like that. I'm a Male, 37 years old.

My next appointment it's in two weeks. I can't even sleep.
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