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My mum has been facing this situation for weeks or even months - chronic sore throat, once to the extent her tongue was numb and I rushed her to the GP. Also, often she mentioned that her chest area feels slightly warm which I believe would be heartburn.

GP diagnosed that it is because of GERD most probably, and we also saw another GP who gave the same comment telling us that it is a minor issue. However despite the medication, although the situation is not as bad as before, she still wakes up every night because of her throat not feeling very well. The GPs have checked her throat, and also touched her stomach (I believe) to check if there are any signs of growth. Also, my mum bloats after meals really easily and often burps/goes to the loo after meals pretty quickly.

Worrying about this, my mum is scheduled for an endoscopy very soon (although the GP said it was unnecessary and should keep observation for another month, but I felt that I would be more assured if she gets a checkup). May I understand if it is normal for GERD patients to face such situations? Or are there any possible serious illnesses associated with these problems? I have been so worried I can't even sleep well, hope to get a response soon, thank you.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Stress and anxiety can add to the symptoms and cause them to flare....so try to relax as it will help your mom relax as well.....

Look to what changes may have taken place shortly b4 her symptoms started....weight change up or down, stress, change in diet....?

At this point I would not worry about related conditions ...wait for results of the tests....and if it proves to be something  GERD related have her go to a GI Dr not just a GP.
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