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Pain under the rib cage

Hi, i am having rib cage pain for the past two years. often it comes and goes off. i feel more pain under the rib cage during sleep time.normally i feel very comfortable, i won't get any kind of pain. only in the midninght i will get this heavy pain. i consultad so many doctors, but no one has given proper solution.

Please can any one detail the reasons for causing this pain and please provide the solution.

Thanks & regards,
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HI and welcome to the GERD forum.

May I ask do u have acid reflux?...do u tend to eat shortly b4 lying down??
It is possible that u r experiencing reflux and that by making some lifestyle and diet changes u may see a difference.
Please see the Health Pages  acccessible thru the welcomemessageat the top of this forum and an icon just above recent activities to the right of the screen.

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