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Problem after food poisoning

Hi all. Few days ago I had something which didnt agree with me and ended up vomiting.. It was only a days ailment and went away but now since yesterday I notice after I wake up and drink water with my pills I get this sensation that there is something in my throat and like I have trapped gas and I need to burp so I drink water and indeed I burp. I am on Protonix 1 x 40mg and I suffer from gastritis/esophagitis since 2010 but every fall and spring I am.in a flair. Any advice?
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I'm wondering if you didn't aggravate it when you were vomiting?  I'd think it will start to get better soon.
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Hoping this is better?  How are you now?
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Still having the lump in throat sensation from what I gather its my esophagus (swollen) . I am trying to control it with diet ( it sucks not being able to eat what otbers do) . I made an appointment with my Gastroenterology dr but its for November 1st. Trying to help myself with no PPI it does not help much..
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