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Weaning off Aciphex

I've taken Aciphex for over 10 years for extreme GERD.  Since all the new studues came out about it being so bad long term, I decided to try and get off it.  I'm down from 20mg a day to 20mg every 3-4 days.  I've weaned over the last 2 months, had horrible rebound and can't get passed this stage.   I have bad stomach pains, diarrhea, nausea. I'm supplementing with Tums currently.

Any helpful advice is appreciated.  I'm ready to give up.
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Hey hc1.
Please read my recent post in this community.
It may be relevant to you also.
Aciphex is a PPI drug to lower gastric acid levels.

I read your profile and if you have neurological issues, they are likely related to inadequate B12 as  gastric acid is needed for its production  (for your purposes the Methylocobalmin form is of specific interest since it is the neurological form of B12) and please don't rely on any blood tests which only test for general levels of Cobalamin and not Methylocobalamin and the lab ranges are far too low.

Without intending to sound like a conspiracy theorist, PPIs are probably the 2nd highest grossing class of drugs with 10s of billions of dollars in annual sales, to patients, most of whom DO NOT need to take them!

B12 Methylocobalamin is very inexpensive and relatively easy to correct neurological issues stemming from its deficiency, however, the very low normal  lab range in N.America (compared to the much higher  European and Japan standards), misses many patients who continue having neurological or other related issues at those supposedly normal levels!
So one goes undiagnosed or even worse misdiagnosed, possibly for life and taking prescribed medications for Fibromyalgia, Lupus, CFS or any other condition that may fit the symptoms.

Gee, this sounds like ranting. But at least you get my point,lol!

Please note that my suggestions do not constitute medical advice.

Best wishes,

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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

I know how difficult it is to step down from PPI's as I was on them for years as well....but I was able to do it and agree many of us are on meds we do not need.....and with the onset of now knowing how it affects acids we need and prevents us to absorb minerals and vitamins we need....

Know you will have some rebound regardless of how slowly you step down....keep to a modified diet to help with the rebound symptoms....I had reflux from water...so it can be daunting at times....hang in there, it does get better.

Try talking to your Dr about pro biotics to help restore your GI track to the levels it needs to be at and treat other issues with supplements your blood work shows you need. Knowing you may need something as a result of these meds does not always tell you the dosage you need...so rely on your Dr for help with this....
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