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bravo ph above 7

I am waiting for the results of my bravo ph test. I have no gerd symptoms. During my endoscopy for something unrelated, my doctor took a biopsy along my z-line. First, it was misdiagnosed as barretts, but a 2nd opinion from John Hopkins said it was cardia-tissue (stomach). Anyways, my doctor told me to take PPI's despite no symptoms. So I requested the bravo ph test. Well my readings stayed btwn 6-8 most of the time, hardly ever went under 4, but did have readings in the 8's, 9's, and even said 'HI' a few times. All the stuff on the computer said readings that high are not normal. There was some stuff that said it could be bile, but I have no symptoms of bile reflux or low stomach acid, and my GI said my stomach and all that he looked at during the endoscopy were fine (no bile damage there). Very confused and very nervous. Has anyone experienced this before? I am only 25 years old. Thanks.
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Hi...since u have bile have ur drs tested ur Gall bladder?
Do u have family history of GB issues?

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No history of GB problems. No pain or anything in that region. I previously asked my doctor about it and he said that I have no symptoms of anything wrong with my GB. I also found some people on another site with bile reflux due to their GB. Wow, they are in serious pain, especially in their stomach region. I do not have those symptoms (knock on wood). I read that sometimes your saliva can make your the ph monitor go to higher numbers. I was pretty much in the 6-8 range with it going to higher numbers for a minute or 2 - mostly when I was sitting (not laying) down.  I will update when I find out my results. More comments are welcome, please...
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