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pressure against upper esophageal sphincter

Five  weeks ago I had red patches in my mouth mucosa. Then I felt that my esophagus inflamed and then stomach. I have not had diarrhea, but only upper abdominal discomfort. Sometimes I feel OK, and sometimes I have some problem in my stomach.

Today in the morming, after the breakfast I have had very slight gnawing pain in the upper abdomen. And I have fealt as if there were some pressure against my upper esophageal sphincter. Some feeling is in the right side of my chest, even at the shoulder blade. Nothing comes up. I have long had some intermittent pain at my left ear area (varying from the jaw corner through ear up to the temple). The jaw corner is tight, it is difficult to turn the head to the left side. The pain in the ear area mey not be connected to the upper abdominal pain.

Could the cause be an infection, which started in my mouth mucosa and then went to the stomach. Do I have a gastric or duodenal ulcer?  Reflux? Could my intermittent hypercalcemia cause these symptoms. My gall bladder has been removed in 2010 (there was a stone). I have not seen blood in my stool. I have had mild microcytosis for several years. My iron status is inconsistent, because the hematocrit and red cell counts are high.
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Did you take antibiotics for red patches in mouth
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No, I did not take antibiotics. Yesterday also my intestine, possibly due to the same disease, was disturbed, I got diarrhea. No more diarrhea today. I have similar diseases at least once per year.

I  got ysterday a one-month antibiotic for chronic tonsillitis. It was very difficult to get the diagnosis for the long-lasting ear pain. Ysterday one ENT doctor believed me that I have an infection in my tonsils. He pressed the left tonsil and pus was discharged. This possibly also revealed the cause for my long-lasting erythrocyte microcytosis.

Because my thyroid medication has been decreased, my esophageal sphincters may have bocome too loose. I may also be more apt to infections, but the chronic tonsillitis may be even from the 1990's. I have read that hyperparathyropidism could cause acid increase in the stomach.

I still have some pressure against the upper esophageal  sphincter. The doctor said that I may have reflux. I began to take Esomeprazol for it. I am wondering how it will happen with my intestine during the antibiotic. I have previously got antibiotic diarrhea a couple of times. And I have got yeast in my mouth and vagina. I am taking lactic acid bacteria. Now I am taking Doximed, which may not so easily cause diarrhea as eg. Amoxicillin.

Could the children's aspirin which I am using cause gastritis or ulcers? Could the discharge from the tonsils cause infections in the other sites of the gastrointestinal tube?
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The upper abdominal symptoms have almost totally disappeared. However, I sometimes have pressure/tightness in my upper abdomen during walking. Then it is difficult to breathe.  This symptom has occurred intermittently since 2007. Nobody knows what is the cause for it. In this autumn I had echocardiography during a stress test. No coronary artery disease.

Last week a calcified lymph node was revealed in my neck near the bifurcation of the carotid artery. There had been some pain in that site. I don't know the cause for the calcification, maybe it is caused by the chronic tonsillitis, or thyroid or parathyroid issues.

I think that my repeated mouth-gut infections are due to some virus, eg. enterovirus or CMV. Viruses have not been tested for me. Or could streptococcus or other bacteria from the tonsils cause mouth and gut infections? I am using Doximed for chronic tonsillitis, but no bacterial tests were done. Now I have begun to take iron supplementation. I may have anemia of iron deficiency or chronic disease.
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