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why does this feel so bad ? is it just GERD or something more ?

i have been having this horrible burning raw feeling in my stomach now for a long while the docotr has me on gavison which is basically CRAP anyway its not just the burnong there are alot of symptons and some people think its GERD & some say it could be IBS can you help me out ?

Burning raw stomach feeling when hungry or just eaten.. (sometimes food will ease it)   (got this now =(
Burning throat (got this now =(
full of trapped wind
pain in upper abdomen (can travel up into chest or down to my belly button)
sore throat (usually of a morning or if i have bad burning stomach the sore throat usually follows)
lump feeling in throat
no sleep

the worse sympton is the raw burning feeling in my belly and the nausea does any1 no what this sounds like?
or how to sooth it apart from gavison !! i am not getting any sleep or have days where i just cant eat!!

i am going for the camera on 21st jan but really feels like am waiting forever x
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Most of the symptoms you have are suggestive of GERD.
Some of the symptoms like constipation and trapped gas do not fit in to it . If you find relief from pain/discomfort with bowel movement then a diagnosis of IBS can be made.
Prilosec and laxative like metamucil along with antispasmodic medication and antidepressant would be helpful.
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I am not a health professional, so this is based only on my experience:
As someone with GERD, I know it can cause all of those pain symptoms.  Are you milk intolerant?  A glass of milk on top of the acid blockers I take often alleviates my flaring symptoms, especially the constipation.
As someone who has taken behavioral medidcations with side effects that suppress appetite, I can tell you that it's important that you power through it.  Eat something bland, like a bowl of rice, I promise it'll help.
One person on another message board advised me to try sleeping propped on three pillows, or on my left side.  I'm a side-sleeper, so I tried that first...it helped.  I also have back problems, and the three pillows helped with both issues.  Good luck to you, hope this helps!
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Ohhhhh trust me based on many years experience with the same problems 3 years ago my doctor diagnosed me with GERD i didnt wanna believe it because i had so much chest pain and burning stomach pains that it ended up giving me severe anxiety i gotta deal with every day now. But nexium and gas x pills seem to do the trick so try them out trust they work amazing wonders...Hope this helps :)
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Have your doctor check you for H.pylori
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I was just going to say that..Its very common, so alot of doctors dont test for it.  I had it.
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I've had severe GERD, (what the doctors finally diagnosed me with recently), since I was 16 and am 22 now. Recently the flareups have become so painful and intolerable I went in to the ER thinking that maybe it could be something worse? They diagnosed me with GERD and have been on a series of PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitors) to control the heartburn and such.
Diet certainly does not help me. I've changed my diet to not eat much fatty foods, fresh foods, nothing acidic, chocolate, caffeine, and all the other good things. Exercize regularly, and still have no relief from the symptoms.
Symptoms include:
Severe nausea, Intense abdominal and chest pain, burning sensation in my stomach, esophagus, and throat, and belching to relief bloated and gassy feeling.

Has anyone had any luck with managing symptoms besides the use of perscription medications? I read above that milk might help the acidic feeling. Smoking marijuana helps relieve the nausea as well as headache. Also drinking ice cold water helps me a little bit. Laying down a little bit is the trick I'm trying to do lately to relieve some of the acidic and abdominal pain.

The more I read about this disease the more I find that people tend to develop anxiety and stress. I sure have anxiety and stress, it *****.
Any comments?
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A related discussion, pain in the gut was started.
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