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Constant ache for 5 days


I'm due for surgery in the next 3-4 weeks. I've been fine for the past 6 months but had an attack 5 days ago. Ever since I've had constant ache and a little bit of nausea (only for first 1-2 days). Now I get a mini-attack (more aching and mild pain) everytime I eat even though all I've been eating is basic things. Dry bread/crackers/broccoli and water.

Is this going to improve? It never usually lasts so long, I can take painkillers but I don't want to be on them all day everyday.

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Forgot to add in main post: I have 1 stone and it's approx 1.5cm.
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There isn't much you can do, need surgery as you’ve mentioned. Once your gallbladder has done battle with the stone, the walls can become inflammed and sore. Limiting yourself to fewer meals may help. The gallbladder contracts to expell the stored bile everytime you have a meal. Of course you can't starve either, so the tradeoff problem presents itself.
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