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HIDA Scan and Ultrasound Results

For weeks I haven't been feeling good.  Visited my primary and she ordered an ultrasound, found distended gallbladder and fatty liver.  She decided I needed an extensive gasto workup.  Referred me to Gastro Doc and an Endoscopy was done.  He found 3 benign polyps.  No ulcers, Barrett's and the Hiatal Hernia he found was small and shouldn't cause me any problems.  The discomfort continued, not really pain, just discomfort, crampy almost like gas pains.  Next came the HIDA Scan, gallbladder took forever to fill and it was determined that it was only functioning at 22%.  Urine is dark, slight odor and my eyes look slightly yellow.  Sent to surgeon....gallbladder has to come out.  My question is:  is it typical with a distended jvery sluggish gallbladder to cuase all this trouble or is is something like Pancreatic Cancer (terrifying thought) and they've missed it?  I am terrified to say the least!  Anybody else out there like this?
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Hi,  Only your doctor can answer with certainty your question, but a sluggish gallbladder can be just as dangerous/hurting as one with stones .. I've had both a sluggish one and now have true stones and the pain can be the same for me .. jaundice is something you need to be treated for and I'd ask your doc.

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Hello and hope you are doing well.

If gallbladder ejection fraction is below 35% is considered to be gallbladder dyskinesia. If there is gall bladder dyskinesia, you should be having fatty food intolerance and sometimes pain in the right upper quadrant if there is evidence of gall stones or inflammation of the gall bladder. If due to non-functionality of the gall bladder, there is stasis of bile, it could predispose to gall stone formation. So, your symptoms could be gall bladder related.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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