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Should I have Gallbladder Removed?

I am pondering whether to go ahead with GB removal.  My insurance runs out at the end of the month, though i do not want to be driven by this, it is a factor in my decision.  

I have been having on and off diarrhea since November.  No pain.  Repeated blood tests including parasitology clear.  Significant weight loss.

GI ordered a colonoscopy and endoscopy.  All clear.  The pre-op fasting and clear out seemed to reset all my systems to normal.  For 2 weeks diarrhea was gone and I felt fine.  

After eating a very high fat meal, my diarrhea returned. This time is was very fatty and light in color.  

I went back to my GI who ordered a CT.  Concerned about a CT, I went to my PCP who agreed to start with a HIDA with CCK, along with more blood work.  To clarify, my previous blood work had no abnormality (except for the D def). Bilirubin was normal, white count was normal, glucose, BUN all normal, etc, etc...

As I was going into my HIDA test my PCP called to inform me that my lipase was 155.  Quest's normal range is 7-60 U/L.  I understand what Lipase is, and that it is produced by the pancreas.  

The results to the HIDA came back and my GB ejection rate is 25 percent.  There are no apparent stones.  The radiologist called it probable Biliary Dyskinesia.      

My PCP ordered a full contrast abdominal CT.  The CT was normal.  He told me that while he has ruled out cancer, because of my symptoms and lipase the only option is that my GB is acting up.  

His argument for GB removal is that I travel on business overseas.  His concern is that if it ever goes hot in a place without western medical care I could be subject to a procedure under less than optimal conditions.  

I am in excellent shape, M, mid 50s and no history of major illness.  I work out 5 days a week and look 10 years younger.  Should I hold out and continue trying to control diet or am I making a mistake by going ahead?

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I read about your gallbladder removed in 2010. Same way as hope4me mine was removed and it was healthy no gallstones. I live in Nairobi Kenya. The doctor lied did not do any evaluation to verify against old report he just operated I was told no problem gallbladder is not required. I now suffer as hope4me and it's been only 3 weeks. Feeling very sad. Don't know what to do. I wish the surgeon dies for he did it for money.
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Please please don't remove it. Get a second opinion or third. I made the worst mistake of my life. I had it removed. Go to India if you have time they will get your exact diagnosis. The Gallbladder is an essential organ. My Bloated abdomen pain is excruciating. Why did I not get to read this forum before? Medical practice in India is excellent.
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