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Ursodiol, Gallstone dissolution therapy vs Gall Bladder removal.

I am a healthy 115 lb 5'7" female with no underlying disease or comorbidities. On two separate occasions in the last 3 months I have experienced severe abdominal pain. During the last episode I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with pancreatitis and they found gallstones. The gastroenterologists on staff unanimously recommended removal of the gallbladder.

In reviewing a number of PubMed articles it appears that an alternative might be Gallstone dissolution therapy using Ursodiol. The Physicians at the hospital could/would not tell me the size of the gallstones, nor did they know whether they were cholesterol based. I felt they were railroading me into surgery. I decided to check myself out of the hospital. I was able to get them to prescribe 30 days worth of Ursodiol.

My thought on a treatment plan is to try Gallstone dissolution therapy for a year or until another bout of abdominal pain. If a pain episode occurs, make sure it is pancreatitis and schedule gallbladder surgery. If I have no episodes after a year, schedule an MRCP to see if the stones still exist.

My questions;

1) How can I find a Gastroenterologist who has experience with this therapy?
2) How harmful would another bout of Pancreatitis be?
3) Does the treatment plan outlined above seem reasonable?
4) Where can I find additional information and support for this therapy?
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