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Chronic rectal pain and pressure while relaxing, why?

Since about 1 year back I have been experiencing intense pain attacks in the walls of my rectum. The pain always lasted for 1-2 seconds and didn't return before a week or longer so I didn't bother looking it up, thought it was nothing serious. However, when I ate a few protein bars over a few days and got constipated, I suddenly experienced the worst rectal pain attack I've ever felt, like a knife stab into the rectum. And following that day, I have been experiencing regular rectal cramps everyday (although not as intense pain as when this started) for 2 months now. It hurts the most when I walk and relax the muscles in my rear, it also tend to hurt when I lie down relaxing, which causes trouble sleeping. It's as if my rectum is constantly swollen or "heavy" like it weights more than usual. I would also like to describe the sensation as "pressure" but it's not like it feels like I'm gonna have a bm.

I have been to the doctor and received a colonoscopy examination, a blood sample and had x-ray scans taken, but they simply cannot detect anything wrong.. Everything seems to be normal in my body, even thought it's obviously not. I don't know what to do, I miss my life without pain so much. Do you have any ideas?

I was worried the pain it's due to me having anally masturbated too much/rough, but I can't seem to find a link no matter I how much I search on google, sure obviously anal penetration can cause pain, but chronic pain and pressure? I also never injured myself or felt considerable pain during the intercourse, if I ever saw any blood it would be minor stains and stop bleeding immediately. I have read up on people having seriously injured their rectum through mastubation but have not not seen any records of the specific condition I have. It seems like my problem is unique in the world and that it's never going away, im so sad.
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So, I read an article on chronic rectal pain and the one that stood out to me that could be related to you is a chronic situation of muscle spasms in your anus. Just the way you describe it, it matched. It's called proctalgia fugax.  I don't know your age or sex but there is a demographic more associated with it.  Another situation that involves cramping is Tenesmus.  Yes, that's a real name. Do you also feel like you need to go number 2 again? That's common with tenesmus.  

Here's a list. https://www.healthline.com/health/rectal-pain#thrombosed-hemorrhoid

By the way, are you male perhaps?  Could your prostate be involved?
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Hi, thanks for answering, yes I am male and 24 y/o. I have also read about this "proctalgia fugax" condition, my doctor mentioned it after the colonoscopy, problem is that the name itself suggests that it's pain/cramps of unknown cause. Im glad the examinations did not show anything critical like cancer, but the obscurity of this pain concerns me a lot. Tenesmus is actually interesting now that you mention it, yes I do feel a sensation like my bowels are never actually completely empty, even the last day before colonoscopy having gone through a liquid-only diet for a week, pooping mostly water, I still was worried that some fecal matter was stuck in there. Although I never get the acute sensation of having to use the restroom unless I Actually need to defecate, but the feeling of pressure and soreness still remains even after a bw. The soreness gets especially worse while relaxing my rear muscles as I said.  As for my prostate, im not sure. Sometimes I experience a surge of pain that I think is connected to my rectum but goes down the "Adductor magnus" area of where my left leg begins, feels almost like an electric shock. I also sometimes experience a similar pain in my penis but it's rarer than the rectal cramps. Idk thanks again for answering, if you have further advice, please let me know
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