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Abdominal pain/nausea/bloating when drinking

This issue has been ongoing and getting progressively worse over the last two months. I've had an ultrasound, blood work, urine work and an endoscopy and no luck so far.

For the last 6 weeks or so I've limited my diet to mostly milder, easier to digest foods and very little spices trying to see if that would help, but mostly it seems that liquids are my enemy.  I'm forcing myself to try and get a liter & a half of liquids in me a day. I usually only eat two small meals cause if I eat more than that I also get sharp pains and bloating.  The only good days I've had are days where I drank less than a liter and ate mostly dry foods, if I do that I don't feel too bad, but then again I'm probably dehydrating myself that way.

Anyone experience anything at all similar?
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'So by drinking, you mean drinking non-alcoholic drinks?  Water?  Is it bottled water, city water, well water?  Are you diabetic?  
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Bottled water, city water, filtered water, soup, gravy. All liquids.
I've been tested once and no, plus I'm guessing the ER would have picked up on that with all the blood work they did (they took 4 vials).
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