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Anyone have medication-induced gastroparesis?

Hey, everybody.

Since last December, I’ve been struggling with daily nausea and semi-regular vomiting.

Due to Bipolar 1, I was diagnosed with a very high dose of Lithium. Of course Lithium, one of the few meds that works, could be causing gastroparesis.

Anyway, my gastric emptying test next week. So for those who’ve been diagnosed with a medication-induced gastroparesis, how did it go from there? Did your GI work with you and your Psychiatrist?
I know I can’t just drop the Lithium without dude consequences.
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Hey there.  How did the gastric emptying test go? That's really interesting. I've had plenty of meds certainly derail my gi tract.  But not this specifically.  Big question here . . . are you at all neuro diverse? So often, many and even those without official or any diagnosis have delayed gi tracts.  My son does. Is this completely new? When did you start the lithiam. I've heard good things about lithiam overall.  My son has a slow gi tract and a probiotic and stool softener help a bit.  A cup of dark grape juice as well.  Cleaning up the diet.  
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Does your issue result in puking? I"m reading this now.  My son can get so constipated that the fecal matter acts like a bowel blockage and yes, he vomits at that point.
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