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Can/should I go to an ER or where can help over weekend?

I am experiencing what seems to be  grade 4 prolapsed internal hemorrhoid that has a large blue spot so I believe it to be clotted. I am worried it might be infected or I'm no sure but the pain and tenderness is all around to the point it feels like I have a UTI but it is not a UTI, it doesn't burn when I pee but I feel burning around my bladder and just all that general area.  I am in significant pain and do not feel like I can deal with this all weekend to wait for my PCP, or it will be really uncomfortable to do so, is an ER suitable to deal with this over the weekend or is there anywhere I could go? To be clear I have been trying every at home remedy over the past few weeks and it is not helpful, I experienced the level 1 where it went out then in spontaneously 2-3 weeks ago, it was associated with significant bleeding t the time, but the minor pain/irritation subsided after a week, hence why I didn't end up going to a doctor. 2 days ago the pain came back, but I didn't not realize the clot and that it was permanently prolapsed until last night when it was too late to call my PCP. What should I do??
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Hello, welcome to the forum.  Hopefully by now you've received some help from your doctor.  Please know that all doctors should have 24 hour coverage.  they should have an answering service and the "on call" doctor which is yours or someone covering for them will return your call.  And this can occur in the middle of the night.  The emergency room is another option during off hours.  Please let us know how you are doing.
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