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Can you have Diarrea and have a bowel obstruction?

I just went to the Dr. yesterday....i had major abdominal surgery over the summer...I had some huge cyst below my below button....The biggest one was almost 17cm.  Anyway...They were trying to get a team of Dr. together...when one night i was in extreme pain....The cyst caused bowel obstruction in two places. This was a 13 day stay in hosp. Then I come home , and i thought i was fine...but had another, small bowel obstruction....Dr. says he thinks it was just a "fluke." I am now almost 12 weeks post op.  I have been taking Miralex, stool softners, laxative tea, and fiber cereal...since my last obstruction.  Then I got Diarreah (spelling...sorry) so I stopped.  I have had diarreha for about 10 days. Yesterday My stomach was really bloated and I and hurting so I went to Dr.  she did a CAT scan and they said I had ALOT of stool in my  bowels. i couldn't believe it since I have had Diarerra for so long.  She said i was constipated. She asked me if I had alot of water in my D. and i told her I wasn't sure, but when I came home, I noticed there was alot of water. She said if I don't "get it out" I could be on my way to another bowel obstruction.

Anyone PLEASE have any advice, comments, or share your story, It would really help me!! I am really SCARED!!  My husband is going out of town tomorrow and I have a 6year old girl. I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER OBSTUCTION.

Please help!!
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Thank-you for your comments.....I did put a call in to my Dr. Its Friday so i hope they get me something today.  I don't wanna go threw the weekend like this.
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Yes you can have D and obstruction.  I would put a call in to doc and ask about what you can do.  I agree with the above maybe  a bowel prep can clean you out.
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You can have what seems to be diarrhea that appears to shuttle itself around partial obstructions.

You might want to ask the doc if you should try something like the bowel prep that would be used before a colonoscopy to try to clean out your intestinal tract.
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