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Chronic pain on left hand side of stomach

I have run out of options, I am a 35 Year old female, with a cronic pain on the left hand side of my stomach for the past two years. I can wake up with it or just go for a walk and then it would emerge.
I have gone for several tests, and scopes. All the results show is that my colon is enlarged at the bottom, in the area
where I am experiencing the pain, doctors and specialists said, that they are not sure why I am experiencing constant pain and just perscribe me medication for inflamation and some anti-byotics.
Probelm is still not resolved, and I find that the pain is now ocuring every day, the only relieve I get is when I am lying down for atleast a half an hour.  Some days it will go away for the rest of the day and some days I am not that lucky.
Please if you could tell me what to do, or who to see, I am running out of ideas.
Best Regards
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Hm, enlarged colon can mean either increased diameter of the colon hollow (which would be from diverticulosis or simply from trapped air, or thickened wall. So, if you have thickened colonic wall, there's something in it, and only biopsy of that part can show what is it.

If you're not bloated and have no excessive gas, then it's not air.

Thickened wall can be from inflammation like Crohn's disease, or from deposits (in amyloidosis), or connective tissue overgrowth (in systemic sclerosis). You may also have ischemic colitis (from atherosclerotic intestinal artery), or microscopic colitis or Whipple disease...which all can be missed by colonoscopy, and can be only detected if biopsy is made.

So, does CT shows tah colonic WALL is THICKENED? Try to get this info.

I've described few above issues here:

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Tow years ago I went and saw a General Surgeon, he performed surgery on me before, he booked me in and did tests from Colonoscopy to laparoscopy extr.
When the test came back it said the same thing, colon is inlarged in the bottom but on the inside of the colon all looks fine and  thatI need to follow a diet, during his test he also thought that I had endometriosis, off to my Gynocologist, did another laparoscopy to tell me that there is nothing wrong, and that he can confidently say that the pain is not caused by my women parts.

Then I thought it is all in my head and left it until 3 weeks ago where the pain is now constant and I have just had enough of having pain.
I first went and made another appointment at my Gynocologist to tell me all is well and that I have no problems. Then I contacted my GP to reffer me to a Specialist.
My specialist then did another colonoscopy and a CT scan, and with the colonosco;y the colon apears normal on the inside, the CT scan then detected that the colon is enlarged on the outside.  When I consulted my doctor he said that he is not sure why I am having this pain and that he could not see anything, and as for the enlarged area it can only be because of the inflamation, he prescribed a weeks course of antibiotics, that has not helped at all.  So now I am back to where I was two years ago.
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The first test to identify diverticulosis is x-ray with barium enema (and then colonoscopy, if necessary. But you have already done these). The only thing which may help in diverticulosis, is a diet which enables smooth stools. If problem persists, affected part of the colon can be removed. I'm not saying you have diverticulosis.

First, what you can do is to ask, what exactly (which exact diagnosis) was ment with "colon is enlarged at the bottom". Also, which investigation was used to find this out? This is possibly written in  your medical documentation, or...if you can contact a doctor.

Why do you use the term spastic colon? This term was once used for IBS. So, the only problem is pain? No diarrhea or constipation?

Pain on the left may also arise from ovaries (investigation: ultrasound). Another posibility is endometriosis (invest.: laparoscopy).
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As per your reply thank you, and as to your question, no I am not constipated.
The only time when I do get bloated is when I do not eat regularly due to my spastic colon.
But the constant pain that I have is not a spastic colon pain, it is intense and continues the entire day, non stop.
How will I know if it is a diverticulosis, what do I need to do to identify, and what is the treatment for it?

Thank You
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"Enlarged colon at the bottom" is probably diverticulosis, but you have to obtain an exact diagnosis.

Are you constipated, bloated?
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