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Digestion problems please help :)

Hello it's my first day on the forum so i would like to say Hi.
I am a Physiotherapist, Psychologist and Nutrition Specialist.
I have been working out and following Intermittent Fasting and Keto for around 12 years now and everything is going smooth and fluid.
However i started experiencing pain below my ribs basically on my intestines, my Moms a Nephrologist Doctor and we quickly went to do a Ultrasound the radiologist noticed that i had a 5 mm Kidney stone which dropped to the Ureter and a 3mm kidney stone on my left kidney, i know that the pain on Kidney stones is severe i just used Anti Spasm medications, i can endure the pain and everything is fine.
I dropped the stones yesterday and the left kidneys edema is fading.
However what concerns me the most is that whenever i eat after i eat i always rush to poop and i straightly throw it away, my stomach hurts, i didn't poo with blood, i don't suffer from diarhea, no blood on anything, i don't vomit or anything, it's just my stomach hurts badly i feel like i am full and the need to go to the bathroom.
I know that kidney stones cause a little bit of bowl movement we did the blood test results everything went smooth there were no complications, we did the X ray test it was just the stones, we did the ultrasound.
I am really concerned and scared that it can be a colon cancer or an intestine cancer because i used to back in the days smoke on my empty stomach and fast for 24 hours a day, while i would work out.
I don't know if i should do a MRI or a CT scan since i had the kidney stones and giving the contrast or stressing my kidneys with radiation would damage them.
Please if anyone could help me it would mean a lot to me. I don't know what's going on, no blood on the stool, just stomach gas, cramps, lots of consipitation and on the X ray scan there were lots of Feces build ups that it almost blocked to determine the kidney stones.
Any help would be much appreciated.
What i want to know is does the Kidney stones affect the stomach, cause gases, digestion problems especially stomach pain the pain is on waves that it radiates and travels from my stomach mostly on my intestines below the rib cage on the left side then on the right side also.
I didn't vomit, neither do i poo with blood, no blood on the spit also i am just worried.
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums. Thank you for the question and apologies for the delay in answering. How are things going now? I would not assume from your symptoms that cancer is involved.  The way to rule this out, however, is through either a traditional colonoscopy or the newer method that can be done at home called Cologuard. Here is information on that https://www.webmd.com/colorectal-cancer/home-test-colon-cancer-cologuard#1.  What seems likely from your description is perhaps constipation issues.  Has this issue resolved for you at this point?
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Did you find out anything yet? I don't have kidney stones, but have had nine abdominal surgeries including a bowel obstruction, and an inttususception, a bowel twisting that usually happens in infants... Over the past months, I have had bad pain that lasts for hours after I had a bowel movement. I am not constipated, or have very loose stools.. I am sitting here in pain as we speak... I have no insurance, so I can't run to anyone for help! I have gone to the ER before when the pain has gotten out of hand, and they do a cat scan, and an obstruction never shows up. But I have been told, and read, that sometimes they don't show, and can only be found in surgery? Not sure how accurate that it is.. I would sure like to know!!
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