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Diverticulitis or Ovarian cyst pain?

After being admitted to the ER twice in two months for what was diagnosed as acute diverticulitis, my lab results showed that I had developed two adnexal cysts in my ovaries.  The cysts are measuring 4.1cm and 5.0cm so I do not consider that small.  Seems like a rapid growth for only two months.  The doctor did not mention these new findings while at the hospital. I found out by looking into my chart.  Wondering if the diverticulitis has masked the cyst pain or vice versus?   I’m hoping this pain and bloating gets better.  The last time I was at the hospital I was on the mend the next day with little pain.  This time I’m still experiencing sever pain, even when I walk and I’m feeling extremely bloated.  I hope to find answers!
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