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hi. i am 22 year old female.
i've this problem of excessive gas since past 25 days now.
on top of that, i cant smell or feel passing ANY of it. *literally*
(ohk, i sometimes feel it, that's kindof normal)
but going by the reactions of people around me, seems like i pass gas every freaking second and it's intolerable!
i also noticed continuos white discharge since last week.
very often or rather quite few times everyday, i have slight pangs of pain in my abdomen moreso towards the right, just below the rib cage.
past 2 days, i've started to have a bad breathe too.
things are only getting worse for me!!

i've tried altering my diet to the max, homeopathy, unani and every freaking thing that was humanely possible.
been to a doc and she says i am all fine and dont need any medications (which was sick).
i've never seen people have such a serious problem with gas.
am unable to move out and attend uni, on verge of quitting on life.
people cant stand me for more than 2 seconds. it's driven me into a shell and depressive phase.
(left me exhausted with fatigue, i also sleep more now)
please help!!

P.S i've come across an exact same post from a guy over here. but i need help ASAP!
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Did your Dr check your gallbladder? You're having pains right where it is located. If the Dr you saw will not check your gallbladder then you should see a different one.
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maybe you should do a water fast for 3 days. it could help
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