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Feel sick and weak everyday - 7 months

Hi everyone. I’m in need of help. I’ll dive right into my story. I have been sick now for 7 months. Everyday I wake up and I will either have pain in my lower abdomen or I will feel like throwing up. I then have breakfast. ALL foods make me sick, but some are less sickening then others. I usually have oats in the morning. I then go to work.

When I return from work around 4 hours later, I start feeling very very weak, shaky, can’t focus, tingle in the face, gassy, gurgles. And all of this lasts until late after noon (8 hours) when I start feeling a little better. I then eat, and it all goes bad again.

I’ve had every test under the sun including a colonoscopy and endoscopy. I’ve also got an allergy clinic test next week, but I can’t be allergic to ALL foods.

I can’t eat, I can’t not eat. Sleeping helps but I can’t sleep my life away. Hot days are especially bad. What is wrong with me? Doctors have been less then useless. I’ve seen a lot of them. Please someone help.
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Since you had the colonoscopy and endoscopy done and they didn't find anything, I'd wait for that allergy test. It wont be that youre allergic EVERYTHING. but you may be allergic to something that you consume constantly (milk, gluten, etc). And this could be causing your problem.
Are you having diarrhea or constipation? Either of these can be the cause of extreme fatigue. If you are having diarrhea, it completely wipes out your electrolytes which can cause fatigue. If this is the case, I suggest getting coconut water and constantly sipping on that throughout the day, it will help replenish.
What did the blood work show? Any levels low? iron, vit b?
Have you had a stool test done? Another thought is something like a parasite. I had a colonoscopy done, and it wasn't until a year later when I had a comprehensive stool study done that they found that I had a parasite and a yeast overgrowth.
To be safe, I would completely cut out all dairy from your diet and see if that helps. It is a common cause of gastro problems. And pay close attention to ingredients. So many things have milk in them that you wouldn't think.
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OMG!!!  My first episode happened about 1 month ago.  As with everybody else, all normal gastrointestinal tests are coming back negative.  I just had the EGD/colonoscopy last Wednesday.  Just gastritis.  He's supposedly testing for H. pylori.  I wonder if anybody feels such pressure in your chest as your pain intensifies, like something's gonna bust wide open.  Almost like your diaphragm and/or abdominal wall muscles are spasming?
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