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GI related to rapid heart ?

hi ive been sufferring from gastroeteritis on and off, and it seems whenever i have stomach problems, my heart will race or beat irregular. ive read posts on here of people having similiar problems and they always seem to subside once the pain of irritation is gone in my stomach/intestines. ive read that possibly my stomach is swollen to the point to wear its actually pushing upwards and causing some kind of irritation to my vegal nerve? (sp) has any one ever experienced this or maybe know more about it that can help me ease my mind?  i dont know if this is a serious condition, ive had many ekgs and blood enzyme tests for my heart and have all came back healthy and normal, though i do have a history of SVT  which was fixed in 2008. i dont know how to cope with this and i belie ve anxiety is getting the best of me and making it alot worse.i will get light headed and have pains all through my left arm and chest along with numbness. ive also read i might have a possible hernia somewhere that is pushing upward near my chest/stomach that could cause this... any answers would be helpfull, i just need to ease my mind before it drives me insane.
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I too have similar problems, have had gastritis for many years, mine is acid in the stomach which wears the lining of the stomach thin, (errosion) or (atrophy) it seems at times to rise into the chest, and causes palpitations, (atrial fibulations) it is excrutiatingly painful and frightening, yoiu need to take a large, strong antacid, like gaviscon immediately, I do not go anywhere without it!  I taske double the recommended dose, my doctor did not disagree with this.  And daily acid blockers too,(like Omeprazol) H2 blockers. help the prevention of acid in the first place.  Avoid acid stimulating foods and drinks.  Yes I am learning about the ' Vagus Nerve' as a possible contributor to both of these conditions, we are suffering from.   Diash
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i deffinitly have some acid reflux issues, and have had ulcers in the past that the gastro doc strictly stated they were stress caused and nothign else ( i have no idea how he can  rule it being from stress only) after eating sometimes will make it worse but ive been eating such small amounts that i cant see it causing my stomach to swell, but sometimes ill just start having random stomach pains ( sour stomach, stomach flutters, cramping) and my heart will just pound and race for sometimes hours during and after iget these pain. ive tried probably almost every acid pill from OTC to prescribed stuff, pepcid zantac prilosec protonix previcid, and have recently started taking probiotic powders, you name it ive tried it.  i very rarely will eat spicy foods as one i dont really like spicy stuff and two i know its not good for my stomach already along with carbonated drinks and caffiene. sometimes after i go to the bathroom i will get these problems. yesterday i went and my heart literally was racing the rest of the day, jumping from 100 - 130 bpm . ive talked to doctors and thhey mosty seem confused when i tell them i get heart flutters and stuff when my stomach is in pain or other gi problems, one even laughed and told me that there is no connection what so ever. not eating anything today as i just woke up my HR  is down to 65 bpm im not really sure if certain food have been triggering it but the past month or so since this has started up badly again i havent been eating regularly and probably could still eat a bit more healthy, eatin ice and cold water somehow seems to help it but very little, could acid reflux even though if no symptoms of heartburn or stomach pain etc..  are present at the time being still cause my heart to beat funny or flutter which ever people call it ? even hours after i have ate or used the bathroom?

do you know of any other tests beside an ENDO that could determine other acid reflux problems?  

i dont have insurance and I am currently trying to get some aid through our local county hospital ( where people go around here if they dont have insurance) but most doctors there are so uninformed and in such a rush they seem to not really give a crap about any problems if your vitals are stable.

you kind of have to force it upon them to even get any kind of testing approved or ordered. maybe if there is something else i could get done to test it besides and endo which ive had three done in the past 5-6 years.im thinking i would  have to bring it up to them or ask for more testing since they most likely wont even bother considering my vitals are usually quite average.

thanks for your comment! and i am going to try and watch what i eat to see if anything changes in my symptoms.
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Joe, have you been checked for any stomach issues like acid reflux since it seems your tests have ruled out anything to do with heart issues?

Many with reflux issues experience changes in heart beat rate. Some describe it as 'skipping', 'flipping', or fluttering..........but however you describe it, it worries everyone who experiences it.  And the fact that you're also dealing with anxiety due to the whole thing probably isn't helping either your body or overall mental state a lot.

Do the symptoms happen after you've eaten, or seem to be related to any specific foods you're eating? Does it happen with spicy foods, or fatty foods, or......? Do your take medications that might irritate your stomach? How about unexplained burping, belching, sore throat, throat clearing, etc?

Some of the symptoms that accompany acid problems lead many to head to the hospital because they feel they're experiencing a heart attack, or heart-related symptoms, only to find out they've got acid reflux.When they finally contact their docs and have some tests run they find out that, yes, they do have acid problems. In many cases, acid suppression medication, a change of diet and changes in lifestyle can bring the symptoms under control.

Why not give your doc a call and discuss it?
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