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Gastro problems for 6 weeks straight - what could it be?

I had a colon resection surgery back in August of 2020.  Afterwards, I was completely fine and what I would consider feeling 100%.

As of about 6 weeks ago, I have had pain after I eat that starts in the upper right side of my abdomen and as the food travels, the pain goes across my stomach, and then finally to my colon.  

I had a colonoscopy a few weeks ago and I am still waiting on the results from the biopsy but I want to get a head start on this if I can.

I have tried all kinds of diet changes and even tried to do elimination diet but it seems like no matter what I eat, the pain is the same regardless.  Even when I was drinking bone broth to get ready for my colonoscopy, that hurt as well.  Currently I am eating just chicken and rice and having a hard time with it.  The only thing that brings me any sort of peace is if I just stop eating.  But I am in dire straights, I am down nearly 80 pounds since this GI journey started last August.

I am taking 40-60mg of Bentyl daily but it only helps a little bit with gas that seems to get stuck.

Also, I have had maybe 1 regular bowl movement in the past week, normally its very small and I have to strain.

Does anyone know what this could be?  Any help is very appreciated
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So, what about your gall bladder?  Upper right side?   Your symptoms sound in line with this.  https://www.medicinenet.com/gallbladder_attack_symptoms_and_signs/symptoms.htm  Are you at all over weight?
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I get some pain on my lower right side after eating but this is only after large meals.   The pain tends to concentrate from the top of my stomach to the bottom more focused on the middle/left.  

I mostly have constipation with occasional diarrhea maybe once a week.  Another strange symptom I have is that I will periodically get very hot and start profusely sweating.   If I don't eat, the pain nearly all goes away so I get a nice reprieve late at night as long as I eat a small dinner early.

Also, I get some minor burning pain near my anus after passing a stool which then extends up through my colon.  I am starting to think this is UC but hopefully the doctor will know tomorrow when I get the colonoscopy results.
Sorry pain in the upper right side not lower*
hm.  So, a couple of things come to mind which again, one is your gallbladder.  Ulcerative colitis almost always has loose stools regularly, however, you can indeed have inflammation in your colon.  (which causes ulcerative colitis when bad enough).  I'd stick with the small dinners early if that helps.  I had an intestinal ulcer years ago.  I also wonder about that.  When can you get into a doctor to discuss all of this?
So I went to see my GI doctor and he told me that my colonoscopy came back without anything wrong whatsoever.  I spoke with another GI doctor that thinks my colon resection surgery could be the culprit but both doctors said they have never seen this type of case before.

Monday I will go for an endoscopy, discuss my blood work, and discuss my stool sample.  I also have a HIDA scan scheduled in a few weeks (that was the earliest they could see me).

I have since gone on a full liquid diet for the past 2 days and I am starting to see mild improvement.  My theory is that if I give the colon a break, it could have a chance to start healing itself but I don't know.  One GI doctor told me it could be scar tissue that has formed since my surgery giving me these issues but I don't know, it's very strange and quite painful all day long
oh gosh, strange.  I'll be interested what the endoscopy reveals (if it does reveal anything).  A liquid diet is unsustainable.  Did you have your endoscopy last Monday or is it next?
The endoscopy results came back completely normal as well so there is no underlying diseases.  I have been doing some heavy research and I think the issue I am having is abdominal adhesions due to the colon resection surgery that I had.

I have basically all the symptoms of adhesions and I've spoken to a few doctors now about it that agree as well.  They are very hard to detect and hardly ever show up on imaging tests and can only be confirmed through laparoscopic surgery.

I have however found an alternative therapy place that specializes in abdominal adhesions, going to give it a shot since I'd much rather fix this non-surgically and I've read horror stories that people with adhesions needing 15-20 surgeries because the adhesions always come back after surgery.
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