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Getting help with Bile reflux

I had a gastric sleeve in April.  I was nauseated from day one and after dealing with the severe nausea for a month I went to the ER and was dx with gallbladder. I then had that removed.  I started to have difficulty swallowing food. I went to GI doc who did barium swallow which shown a hiatal hernia. Went to a esophageal and hernia specialist who did a scope.  She dilated my esophagus and dx bile reflux and started carafate. I know it has only been a short period of time taking the med but my goodness I can't stand the nausea any more. I just cry and cry.  I have also been taking nausea medicine that does nothing.  I understand gastritis can cause nausea too. But I am suffering.  ANYTHING I eat- low fat even, causes me severe nausea.  I have to lie down to let it pass. Of course, I have researched and from what I read- people just suffer in silence with bile reflux.  I am to the point that I am going to go the ER and handcuff myself to the gurney and refuse to leave until I have answers or a cure. I mean how do they expect someone to function without being able to eat and drink? I want a plan of action- not just sent home with a bottle of medicine and say, I hope this works.  But I am afraid that is the status quo. Any have the gastric bypass to fix it? What has helped you?  
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