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Globus sensation

First off i want to say that i love this site. It has been very helpful for me because i am one that hates going to doctors. I think there are some very wise people on here so thank you to all the people that have responded to my many posts!

Like i just said i have many posts on this website, i think honestly i am becoming a little obsessed with posting my symptoms. Most of my posts have to do with ear,nose and throat issues and i am still chicken to go to the docotor!.Heres a little bit about me.

-25 year old male, smoker of about 3-5 cigarettes a day for about 10 years.
- unemployed which is causing a little stress on the family
-Gained about 40lbs(not alot but enough) over 5 years or so
-for about 4 months or more i have GERD like symptoms. Heartburn,burmping mostly up acid, food sticking in throat
- when i do get GERD symptoms i take zantac and drink lots of water which most of the time it helps
-when i sleep i breath through my mouth which causes snoring, nose feels pluged sometimes, wake up in morning i blow my nose to relieve congestion and if it doesnt work i will take a OTC sinus pill and that will usually work.

All of my other posts i get responses such as i have GERD ,post nasal drip or  form or sleep apnea? From my own knowledge all those conditions seem to be all related to eachother by some way or another?

My latest episode was at mothers day brunch, i hate a piece of roast beef and i thought i chewed it good enough but i didnt and it had a really hard time going down my throat, very uncomfortable!

Anyways with all my symptoms i seem to always get this globus sensation in my throat, thats what bothers me the most. It comes and goes. I really worry its my thyroid because my sister has thyroid issues. But she said she had bad chest pains, always cold and tired 24/7. Nothing that i seem to complain about. What if its a tumor? but i dont think it would feel like its coming and going? Could mucus from my nose be running down the back of my throat causing the globus sensation?

I know i know i worry to much, i just dont understand why i this is happening to me? Ive always been healthy it seems.I know what everyone will tell me is to visit a doctor thats really the only way to know? which obviously makes sense... But anyone with advice or help, i would really appreciate it!!
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I can totally relate to what you said about being obsessed with posting symptoms on here.  Always been afraid of going to doctors so I try my best to avoid going.  I'm 26 years old and had never really had any medical issues until last year.  Maybe everything just goes downhill after you turn 25?...haha!  

I had gallbladder surgery a few months ago and am now having issues with acid reflux.  Lately I've been having a lot of trouble with my ears and throat in addition to my other symptoms chest discomfort, back aches, hiccups, and burping.  Had an upper endoscopy a couple weeks ago that showed esophagitis.  

I know how hesitant you are to go to a doctor but wouldn't you feel much better knowing everything is alright?  With how severe my symptoms were I was sure something was seriously wrong and all they found was irritation in my esophagus.  Have you made dietary changes to see if that will help your symptoms?  You should be avoiding spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, peppermint, tomatoes, and citrus fruits.  Also you might want to try taking an over the counter PPI like Prevacid or Prilosec to see if that will help.  

Still think you should see a doctor though.  Hope you feel better soon!
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Thanks for responding to my posting. Yes it seems like turning 25 everything goes all downhill, probably because as a teenager you think your invisable and by the time 25 rolls around everything catches up on you!

Wow at 25 to have your gallbladder removed that seems young to me? I mean obviously it had to be done, but you seem so young to have something like that happen. Wow i couldnt imagine something like happening to me! I may prentend to be all tough and manly but really deep down inside i am a chicken! when it comes to doctors and hospitals lol!

I have changed my diet a bit, and gone out for walks,which seems to be helping a bit! But i am curious to know why sometimes it feels like food is getting stuck in my throat and when i swollow its like something is there in its way but yet i can still swollow just fine.

I am not sure how much you know about Canada health care, other than its free coverage, is that you have to go to general doctor then they have to refer you to a specialist, maybe in the states they do to? anyways i dont have a family doctor, so my opitions are kinda slim.

i would feel better to know everything is alright but ive never been an optomistic person. I generally think if i go to the doctors i will automatically have cancer or something. Sad thing to think but thats how i have always felt!

I wish i could find prevacid or prilosec in canada, i hear nothing but praise for this OTC meds!

I hope i will feel better soon too! just more annoying symptoms then say painful
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Before I started having the gallbladder issues I hadn't been to a doctor in 6 years.  Made it 25 years and had never even had blood drawn, seriously.  Only had minor illness like strep and ear infections.  Always been terrified of going to the doctor and I too was always afraid I had some seriously illness.  Needless to say, with all I've had going on recently, I have moments where I convince myself I'm dying, it's ridiculous but true.  My symptoms are not severe just annoying like you mentioned as well.  Still I'm having lots of health anxiety.

From what I understand people with GERD will often experience globus sensation that you describe.  You said that you sometime have other GERD symptoms so that's likely to be causing your problems.  Since you are not having trouble swallowing, just feels weird, there is more than likely nothing too serious going on.  I wish you could take Prilosec or Prevacid for awhile to see if it would help but I don't guess you have access to it. I'm no doctor though and I really do think you should consult one.  Also, try not to obsess over it as stress can apparently cause reflux to worsen.  I wonder if I'm not unintentionally causing a lot of my symptoms due to the anxiety I'm having.  Best of luck to you!

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i seem to be a big computer nerd lol. This is exactly why i like this site. I seem to gain more info on here then if i would from some professional, although there many doctors on this site. oh and by the way you sound so much like me, its been years since ive been to the doctors and i cant even remember the last time i got my blood drawn!

My swallowing seems fine to the point food and liquids will go down, it just feels like there something slowing it down or in the way.Like you mentioned the globus sensation is a very common thing with GERD and you can even have GERD  without all kinds of heartburn, thats where many people think that they dont have GERD because they have little or no heartburn.

Ive been told by many being obsessed will only make the feeling worse, alot of times its all in your head, although i know i am not crazy when it comes to my symptoms.

i forgot to mentioned why did you have your gallbladder removed? what where your symptoms? Sorry to ask just curious to know
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Yeah, this site really is great to find out about what could be causing symptoms and there seems to be a lot of really knowledgable and supportive people on here.  I've only had heartburn a few times but the doctor who performed my endoscopy said he could tell I've had it for a while.  I never knew, before getting on hear and reading what other people have experienced, how many strange symptoms GERD could cause.  My issue seems to be more discomfort in my chest and back as opposed to heartburn.  You know your body and know the symptoms you are experiencing are not in your head.  My friends and family keep telling me that I'm making everything worse but they don't really know what I'm going through.  It's hard not to freak out when you have something going on, don't know what it is, and it's causing you discomfort.

I don't feel as though I had the reflux issue until I had my gallbladder removed back in December.  I had been having some stomach issues like abdominal tenderness, and feeling bloated and a little nauseous after eating for a couple months.  Then I ended up waking up in the middle of the night with, what was at the time, the worst abdominal pain I'd experienced.  Nothing I tried would make the pain subside - walking, laying in different positions.  It lasted for 3 hours.  Still after having symptoms for a couple months and then having that attack I didn't go to the doctor.  The next one happened a couple weeks later, only lasted 30 minutes but I thought for sure I was going to die.  Never can I imagine anything hurting that badly.  Had the phone in my hand about to call an ambulance when it finally eased up.  Still waited 3 days before I went to the doctor.  Ended up having one more attack and an ultrasound showed a gallstone so I had my gallbladder removed.  Thank goodness no more attacks like that but I'm still having issues on a daily basis that I guess are being caused by reflux.  The stress of having surgery, when I've never had a medical issue, is what has really caused me to freak out over my health.

I said that you would feel relief if you did go to the doctor and he/she said nothing was wrong. Well, that didn't work for me as I'm questioning what the doctor's diagnosis anyway, haha.  Appointments feel rushed and I don't do a good job of communicating my symptoms because I get so nervous.
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Wow sounds like you went through alot of hell. I havent experienced any of those symptoms yet, although my mom always said i had stomach problems as a kid. I was colic as a baby and still to this day i get stomach aches often but nothing that i have to call 911 for thats for sure!

For some reason people like you and i have such a hard time going to the doctor where other people will rush to the doctors or hospital with mild symptoms. I guess thats what makes everyone different!

Thanks again so much for the pointers. I have got alot of answers from other people on this site but nothing to the great detail that you have sent me
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