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Monday august 29th 2011 during the night maybe around 10 pm I gradually (but out of seemingly nowhere) I started feeling slight numbness all over my body, dizzy, light headed, hot/cold, moderate body aches, nauseous, and vomited a short while after that. Whenever I would move my head it would feel heavy and I feel sluggish. I didn't throw up the next day yet slightly felt all of those previous symptoms. The next morning (wednesday the 31) I threw up and couldn't eat that day. That same evening the numbness, dizziness, etc. suddenly got pretty severe and I went to the hospital. The only thing they could tell me is that it's probably gastroenteritis, but I
don't see anywhere in the symptoms about feeling the numbness and other things. The just gave me Zofran (I got the generic version because I'm uninsured). On thursday and friday I never threw up and ate a decent
amount but the symptoms never totally went away. It is now saturday and I threw up this morning, but since have been able to hold down food, however the numbness did come back but not at it's worse. I'm pretty
sure I have acid reflux or gerd on top of that but occurring previously. I forgot to mention diarrhea but it's not severe or another color, but once earlier it was watery, but not since. I also have NOT vomited any blood. There seems to be so many contradicting symptoms I have no idea where to begin. And of course without insurance going to
the hospital will be very unfortunate for me. I'm also pretty sure I have an esophageal stricture and probably unrelated urethral stricture, and either H. Pylori, Acid Reflux or G.E.R.D
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Actually, it sounds exactly like you got either a slight food poisoning or you have a little digestive virus or bacteria.  This will make you feel light-headed, throwing up, very strange in general.  Continue to take your Zofran, an ordinary Alka Seltzer Original is good, drink some milk, which Acidophilus milk is really good for you, it helps balance the flora in your intestines.  If you're not feeling gradually better by the middle of next week, visit a free clinic, usually listed in the phone book under your county health department, and have them draw blood and do a stool sample to see if you have a bacteria, which they can give you antibiotics for that.  if you have a virus, they just let it run its course, about a 10-day timeframe.  If it's simple food poisoning, it'll go away by middle of next week.  As for acid reflux, this is a symptom of your tummy producing too much acid, and since you were able to eat you do not have a stricture in your esophogus, and I just think if you imagine you ate something a little off or imagine a temporary virus, you'll realize that's all it is.  As I said, if you're not feeling a lot better by mid-week, do go to a clinic to get labwork done for any bacteria you picked up from food.
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Yea the doctor said either gastroenteritis or gastritis from H. Pylori (too much soda every day my whole life.. recently cut back) I would have to go back to the hospital to get the right prescriptions because I don't have insurance or a primary care doctor. I think something I had eaten monday night triggered it and maybe combined with cutting back drastically on the soda. My mom ate it too but since she doesn't have H pylori I figure that's why she was fine.
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