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Nausea and/or Pain when Eating.

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My son,17 yo, has had problems with nausea for months. As soon as he begins to eat (within 2 bites or so) he becomes nauseated and often cannot continue to eat. Sometimes he can eat more but then has stabbing pain in his stomach afterwards. The nausea lasts about 10- 20 mins or so then he can eat a little more again. Many days he is mildly nauseated all day, not only when he eats. The stabbing pain lasts only 10 minutes or so. Nausea can follow the pains afterwards but not overwhelming nausea. He doesn't vomit.
The first couple months, he lost weight - about 5 pounds. . My son is extremely athletic, very active in highly competitive sports and has absolutely no spare weigh to lose.
His doctor prescribed two different medications for acid reflux but neither worked.
He had blood tests done. Nothing abnormal.
He has an ultrasound that showed nothing,
a gastroscopy that showed one lesion in his stomach that they biopsied. They also biopsied another part of his stomach to test for I-pilori. Both biopsies clear.
He did a barium swallow (to be timed intervals at 5 different stages) but was having a very difficult time getting the barium down in good time due to the nausea. The radiologist called it short after 3 swallows and images. The X-rays showed nothing abnormal.
His bowel movements and stools are relatively normal sometimes soft but infrequent diarrhea. Blood tests redone showed nothing.
We did Celiac test. Negative.
Some days better than others for his ability to eat but he either becomes nauseated OR is able to eat larger quantity but has stabbing pain in his stomach afterwards. He can drink liquids but limited to about 2-3 cups before feeling nauseated.
His doctor now prescribed Buscopan to see if that helps with the pain. We are unsure at this point if it helps, as my son often forgets to take it half hour before eating. The few times he has remembered, he did not have pain, but he doesn't always get the pain with eating.  Suggestions?
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Thanks.  He was prescribed famotidine and lansoprazole.  He is still taking the lansoprazole but it isn't helping.
I will inquire about allergies. I am currently on a one year wait list for an appointment at the allergy clinic, myself.... Maybe they can expedite the process for him?
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whats meds has he been on for acid reflux? With the lesion in the stomach is sounds like gastritis, but what caused it is the real question.
If Buscopan seems to work, he has to remember to take it consistantly.
Other than that, I'd maybe suggest getting a food allergy test done. Its possible he has an allergy to something he is eating on a daily basis. Those things pop up out of nowhere. I was in a similar boat years ago and found out that after eating it pretty much daily, that I was allergic to rice. Once I stopped eating rice the nausea, pain, and bloating stopped.
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