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Nauseus/Gross Feeling all the time??

Over the past 9 months or so, i've experienced the following symptoms. Before I say anything though, there is ZERO chance i'm pregnant. I'm not overweight, i'm 17 years old, and a serious runner logging about 30 miles per week.
-Nausea (but I have never thrown up, though it's felt close to it multiple times. Usually after eating).
-Feeling of food coming back up my throat (antacids can make this better, and I was perscribed prilosec. I stopped taking it for a while over the summer because my symptoms had gotten better (not gone away completely) but am taking it again every morning).
-Bloated/gross feeling in stomach, that may not necessarily be nausea.
-Loss of appetite during the day
-Occasional stomach cramps and heartburn (but not usually)
-yesterday, I felt a chuck of food come up my throat and I swallowed it and it freaked me out. It's the first time that's ever happened to me.

I have school, and I think anxiety related to that may be contributing to my symptoms. I do think it's physical though as well, because it all just started out of nowhere last year. I thought it was just food poisoning, but when it kept happening, I began to doubt it. I also have an intense fear of vomiting, which I know doesn't help. I also suffer from IBS, and symptoms with that include...
-incomplete evacuation
-lots of gas (though cutting out fiber has seemed to help with that slightly. Happened mostly over the summer).
-constipation with and without use of miralax (I take one capfull/night). Not necessarily super hard stools, but just having no urge to go.

I have no idea what this could be. I have made numerous dietary changes such as cutting milk out completely and stuff like that. I've re-introduced coffee, only because I continuted having symptoms (thoguh things were better) even after I cut it out. I am planning to cut it out again.  The only thing that seems to help is running (my stress relief) and not being aroudn people. I have such anxiety about throwing up, let alone infront of people

I also thought maybe it had to do with my menstrual cycle? I get awful cramps, and I thought maybe it could be related? I'm not entirely sure though, because I haven't gotten my period in almost 40 days (i'm a runner, so they're irregular). I don't even know anymore. I also have a hypoactive thyroid (hashimoto's) as well.

I can't keep going to the school nurse three times a day, and I can't stay home from school either, or just not eat. I am almost positive this is exacerbated by anxiety, but even if I feel completley stress free, I will still feel like this. I'm not sure whether or not it's exactly nauseus, which is maybe why I've not gotten answers yet. Please help! I am desperate.


so far, i've been diagnosed with IBS and Acid reflux, and given meds for both, and am taking the meds for both. Prilosec has made things slightly  better, but not 100%.
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Also, I have constant gurgling in my stomach after I eat a lot, burping (which is when i feel stuff coming into my throat), and I feel like my stomach is beating like my heart a lot. Like, it almost spazzes out sometimes, and i feel like it's beating out of my stomach?
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You need a full evaluation for H. pylori, hiatal hernia, etc.  Go for it.  
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