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Pale stool with mucous or oil ?

A little history on me . 31 year old male . In the last 7 months I've had CT scan , colonoscopy , hpylori test ,celiac test , liver function panel , cbc , etc etc . No major findings . I have also been diagnosed with gerd . My issues have been primarily stool related. Go through periods of bloating , or loose stools . Oddly shaped stools . Recently I had an episode where I had some cramping, Yellow to pale  bulky stool,foul smelling gas. It seemed to go away for a few weeks .since then I've been taking a fiber supplement daily which has helped with regularity and more " normal stool" a few days ago I had rated some cheese and boom pale stool the next two days .I've been avoiding dairy as best as I can and it seems to bring back the normal color in my stool .I have noticed mucous from time to time . Also a slight oily/film in the water. Is this oil/fat or mucous ? I am going back to the doctor on Friday . Is there any tests I should ask for ? At this point I'm just frustrated and feel while we may have eliminated some diagnosis we havent found the issue .IBS ? Lactose ? Gluten ? The thought of it being pancreas relates really scares me
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Hello~sometimes a sluggish gall bladder or liver can cause the yellow stools, I would ask for blood work to determine if this is the cause. It is normal to have some mucous in the stools, but when it is visible to the eye, it can sometimes be due to a bacterial infection.

I am glad you have an appointment to see your doctor. I hope he will be able to help clear matters up for you you.
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